TRADE: Mrazek heads to Philadelphia for playoff push

Amongst the Flyers lists of goaltending injuries, as Brian Elliott hit the IR for 5-6 weeks, Michael Neuvirth left the game Sunday afternoon vs the Rangers. With the Flyers 1, 2 goaltenders out a move had to be in the crosshairs for this team. A deal for a player they initially declined three or so days prior to making an offer. The Flyers declined a 3rd round pick for Petr Mrazek the backup goaltender in Detroit. Well, as of last night around 9:30 PM(est), the Flyers and Red Wings came to terms for the 26-year-old goaltender. Petr Mrazek on the year has posted an 8-7-3 record in 18 games started with 2.89 goals against and .910 save percentage.

The buzz out of Detroit among Mrazek was hopes of being a starter since he was drafted in 2010. Getting his first real shot at the NHL came in 2014-15 where he posted a 16-9 record in 26 games started with a 2.38 GAA and .918 save percentage. It was high expectations and sights set on an eventual starting job for Mrazek from there. Unfortunately, he split time over the last two seasons, starting in a total of 93 games over two seasons posting a 45-38-15 record with 2.68 goals against and a .911 save percentage.

The numbers Mrazek has posted are fair to stand by for a young goaltender who split time for a majority of his career. Now, the 26-year-old, young, hopeful goaltender gets to hopefully shine in the streets of Philadelphia. Mrazek will not be going into something easy to handle. As the Flyers are battling for some playoff separation and playing much better and more consistent over the last month. Mrazek is being brought in to essentially lead this team into the playoffs and most likely be a playoff goaltender. Concerns may be there for Flyer fans and other NHL fans on whether Mrazek can handle the Philly media and Philadelphia pressure. It will be a new set of eyes on Mrazek, fans that critique and harpe on the smallest of things. It won’t be an easy time for the young goaltender, but being brought into an organization that is relatively young with other young, new players on the roster and others being brought up, Mrazek will have plenty of arms and ears to help him.

Mzarek needs to basically get through 23 games, being he won’t play all 23 probably, let’s say Mrazek starts 16 of the 23 games, I think it is fair to say that he can handle 16 starts for the Flyers and this trade most certainly favors the Flyers in this case.

Here is the trade breakdown:

Flyers receive Petr Mrazek and give up a 3rd and 4th round pick with conditions while Detroit also retains 25% of Mzarek salary. The conditions of the trade as broken down by Bob McKenzie are, if PHI makes playoffs and Mrazek wins 5 games for PHI in the regular season, 4th becomes a 3rd. If PHI advances to Conference Finals and Mrazek wins 6 playoff games 3rd becomes a 2nd. If PHI re-signs him next season, DET gets PHI 3rd in 2019.


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