Is Erik Karlsson actually leaving Ottawa?

Alright, I wanted to wait a day before I started reporting on this but I’ve been hearing so many rumors about Erik Karlsson seriously being on the move. The asking price for this guy is ridiculous yet several teams have called about him.

Karlsson is a free agent after next season though, so it is either the Senators look to get something for him before 2020 offseason or re-sign for probably around $11-12 mil per year for six to seven years that is $84 mil for one player. Yeah, he is one of the best defensemen in the league but be realistic you think Ottawa is winning anything with him and this team they have, no shot. They don’t have the goaltending to make a deep run and Anderson is only getting older. Plus they have a laundry list of players to resign within the next few months and year.

Karlsson to Tampa Bay…?

So, like you are saying there is a chance? People, yes, there is more than chance Karlsson legit gets moved by the end of his contract. I don’t think we see it at the trade deadline just yet, but in the offseason expect to see headlines every day about where Karlsson could be heading. I’ll tell you this, one team that has actively been asking about Karlsson are the Tampa Bay Lightning. Yes, the Lightning an already Stanley Cup team, imagine adding Karlsson to that back end and having a power play of Kucherov, Stamkos, Hedman, Karlsson, Johnson/Palat/Point/WHOEVER. Having Hedman and Karlsson on the 1-2 pairings, this could be scary. but almost impossible for Tampa Bay to pull off… I think.

The Cap Space situation for Tampa Bay… 

Let’s look at it, the Lighting have 2 mil in cap space, three forwards they can let walk that will free up around 4 mil in cap, Andrej Sustr walks which frees up 1.95 mil, and probably try and get rid of Callahan’s contract to someone. Without getting rid of Callahan’s contract this leaves the Lightning with 7.95 mil for Karlsson. The only way Tampa Bay pulls this off is a trade, they cant sign him straight up, they would essentially deal Mikhail Sergachev, Vladislav Namestnikov, a pick and a prospect for Karlsson. I still don’t even get how Tampa Bay even pulls this off though, they still need to resign Kucherov in 2019-2020, who is going to be worth 8.5 plus mil a year with the way he has been playing, considered the best player in hockey, well one of the best, easily. Lightning sign Karlsson that means they have Kucherov at let’s say around 9 mil, Karlsson at 12 mil, Stammer at 8.5 mil, Hedman at 7.8 mil that is already 37.3 mil on four players which takes up 51 percent of their cap and leaves them with around 34.7 mil for the rest of their roster, and 46 other contracts.

I don’t see Tampa Bay getting Karlsson but still, we can expect Karlsson to be moved in the offseason, do not be surprised if it is to Toronto as well by the way.


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