NHL Trade Deadline Watch; Evander Kane, Rick Nash, Matt Cullen

The trade deadline is starting to heat up here finally, some trades have occurred, minor but we can expect the big names we have been waiting to heard traded to be moved sometime soon, definitely before the deadline(obviously).

Some of these names include Rick Nash, Patrick Maroon, Evander Kane, Mark Letestu, Mike Green. Plus some minor names that well get into as the article progresses. 

Tracker of some big deadline bait…

Ok so, what is the deal with Rick Nash, have the Rangers come up and gave a specific price on Nash? Are teams even calling on him anymore, will he be gone soon? I can assure you that Nash will be gone soon, he has a lot of chatter from the Predators, Stars and Blues these three all make sense. The Rangers are looking for a prospect and pick, first or second, anything higher than that, the deal is most likely off. The Rangers are not going to just let Nash walk for nothing and as the trade deadline gets even closer like within the next two days we can expect to see talks get real serious between Nashville and St. Louis for Nash. Ultimately what I am getting at here is, while we have not heard a ton regarding Nash it has sort of slowed down a bit but he will be traded we can assure that.

Evander Kane, Buffalo has clearly come out and said that they fully expect to deal Kane, just don’t know where. The asking price is a first round pick and high to mid-level prospect. Also what team is going to be willing to take on this 5.25 mil UFA by the end of the season. That is the punch not many. Either way, Kane is being brought in to be a rental so whatever team he ends up on after the deadline he will most likely not stay there. Anyways, Kane will 100 percent be dealt within the next two days. To where I am unsure, expect a team like Pittsburgh maybe, Nashville perhaps but Kane will be dealt, keep your eyes peeled.

Mke Green, chatter has slowed on the veteran defenseman and honestly, I am not too sure where he can end up. Not many teams want to take a chance on an injury prone, streaky defenseman, pus after what happened to Washington last year with Shattenkirk teams don’t want that to happen again. Mark Letestu, I’ve heard Edmonton wants to deal him but are not goign to do it at a cheap price, they want to get a decent draft pick for the winger, who adds depth and value to any team. Edmonton has come out and saif they will not mve Letestu if the price is not right. Patrick Maroon, now I was convinced was going to L.A. but after the Kings acquired Tobias Rieder last night I don’t know where he will go, perhaps St. Louis if all else fails with Nash, basically whatever team does not get Nash that wants him will look to call on Maroon and the price will be a lot cheaper for Maroon than Nash so look for MAroon to go on the trade deadline day or a day before it.

Minor news…Cullen, Glendening, Brassard 

Matt Cullen’s name has been tossed around to Pittsburgh, another Cup run for Cullen and the Penguins, who knows, also he has been inquired about by the Maple Leafs another veteran forward to pair on the fourth line with Matt Martin and Dominic Moore why not I suppose. Blue Jackets and Penguins have also inquired about Luke Glendening the veteran forward form Detroit. Penguins have also talked to Derek Brassard of the Senators. All these pending free agents makes for a really interesting deadline because of Matt Cullen last year, a lot of teams said they don’t want to part ways with prospects and picks at the dealdine as much anymore because of the whole situation Minnestoa had last year when they dealt some picks for Hanzal and the veteran forward fell flat on his face and ended up leaving Minnesota.



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