NHL Trade News: Nash, Plekanec, Letestu and more!

The news has been broken for about three and a half hours now but the New York Rangers have sent F Rick Nash to the Boston Bruins in return for Ryan Spooner, Matt Beleskey, Ryan Lindgren, 1st round pick 2018 and 7th round pick 2019. As well the Rangers retain 50% of Matt Beleskey’s $875,000 contract and Boston retains 50% of Nash’s 3.9 mil contract. Nash is also a pending UFA at the end of this season. The move was due to sights on Lord Stanley and the addition of Nash in the top six will only aid that run even more now for Boston.

The other move this morning/afternoon was Toronto and Montreal, two Canadian teams and original six teams, as well, bizarre they traded with each other but the Canadiens sent over F Tomas Plekanec and Kyle Baun for Rinat Valiev, Kerby Rychel and a 2nd round pick in 2018. Plekanec is a 35-year-old F with loads of experience and also a UFA at the end of this season. As the race tightens up in the Atlantic, and with the Bruins securing Nash, this was a probably an answerback trade from the Leafs. They saw the Bruins improve their roster and they knew they had to go out and do the same.

Another trade was a three-way deal between Columbus, Nashville, and Edmonton. The Oilers sent over Mark Letestu to Columbus and the Blue Jackets sent over a 4th round pick to Nashville and Nashville sent Pontus Aberg to Edmonton. A bit tricky so, Oilers receive Pontus Aberg, Columbus receive Mark Letestu and Nashville received a 4th round pick in 2018. Letestu is added to a roster for a hopeful playoff push, he did, in fact, spend three years with Columbus at the beginning of his career tallying 98 points in 233 games.

The latest trade that occurred 15 minutes ago was between the Sharks and Predators, the Predators sent over a 6th round pick to San Jose for Brandon Bollig and Troy Grosenick. Two depth players for a cheap price is a solid grab by the Predators unsure as to why they need that but still basically for nothing. The Sharks though would be the reason for freeing up 1.95 mil in cap space. Possibly freeing up some room for a forward like Patrick Maroon or a defenseman like McDonagh or Karlsson… we’ll see…

Players yet to be traded… McDonagh, Kane, Maroon

Ok, now with these three trades happening we can know some things for sure, Evander Kane will be dealt, Ryan McDonagh trade talks increase tremendously and the market for rentals is not extremely high this year.

Evander Kane has been rumored for quite some time now and the price on the troubled, young forward is pretty steep. Buffalo is asking for a first-round pick and mid-level prospect or a second round pick and high-level prospect. Not much has come out on the winger but with the Bruins acquiring Nash, the Penguins acquiring Brassard and these Western Conference teams not grabbing much, we can expect a team like Nashville, Winnipeg to possibly be in the mix for Kane. The reason that Penguins-Brassard trade went through was that the Golden Knights didn’t want Brassard to go to any Western Conference team so they helped out the Penguins, to keep other teams from getting better.

Ryan McDonagh has gained major traction as of late, and right now he is being rumored to be going to either Toronto, Tampa Bay, and maybe Boston. The Panthers have talked to the Rangers about McDonagh, but he does have an NMC(no move clause) to specific teams and I am not sure if the Panthers are either on or not on that list. Anyways the asking price is high on McDonagh and there was a rumor earlier today that said there were possibly seven pieces included in this deal. A lot has picked up and many of hockey’s best reporters have said McDonagh will go by the end of the day.

Patrick Maroon has had 7 teams inquire about him since the Nash trade has occurred, with this Nash trade it has opened up a lot of teams ears and eyes to what it costs for a top-six player now. Maroon does, in fact, have the same amount of goals and more assists than Nash over the last two seasons but did also play with McDavid, unlike Nash. A lot of talks has circulated the power forward, and we can fully expect him to be moved soon. Possibly a Nashville, Winnipeg, San Jose, Bruins and or the Flyers.




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