New faces new places: Players looking to make an impact

Today, we will go over these three players who landed in a very different scenario, which means new faces who will make a major impact. To start this list can obviously be different but, these three players I think will make some major noise!

Evander Kane: Sent from bum f*ck Buffalo to bright and sunny San Jose. 

NHL Trade deadlineEvander Kane has been in terrible situations his whole career, yeah the guy probably does a little too much cocaine, parties a little too much and is a locker room distraction. But people realize when you are surrounded by failure it is pretty hard to be a good boy in a cr*ppy environment. The Sharks now land this absolute monster, 20 goals, 22 assists in 62 games playing for a team that has barely sniffed the 20 win mark this season. Kane played with some good talent in Buffalo but when the Sabres are allowing three-plus goals a game and getting shacked by every team in the league, some games you don’t even want to play. So the fact Kane has produced 42 points in 62 games is pretty good, now slot him with Tomas Hertl, Joonas Donskoi, Joe Pavelski, Mikkel Boedker, and on a playoff team, we can definitely expect this guy to produce at almost a point per game with his new team. We’re looking at a career-high for Kane here.

Michael Grabner: Sent over from Get me Out of Here New York to Smelly Newark, New Jersey. 

That speedy f*ck goes to a local team and now gets to be an absolute pest vs the Rangers and other Eastern Conference teams. Grabner was one of the Rangers top goal scorers and did it for two years straight, the reason he thrived so much with the Rangers because they played a fast, gritty offensive style, much like the Devils. Send Grabner over to a team just like the Rangers, but playing better and you get yourself a 30-goal scorer. Grabner has 25 goals, 6 assists in 61 games. Grabner also zero power play goals, which means all are coming short-handed or even strength. Even strength goal scoring for a team that thrives on the power play, yeah watch out first round opponent. Not to mention Grabner is one of the fastest players in the league slot this Australian f*ck on a line with Travis Zajac, Jesper Bratt, or Zajac and Wood, an extremely gritty and quick line, the Devils depth just got better. Easily tallying 30 plus this season.

Ryan McDonagh:  Sent from Pack Your Sh*t New York to Tampa Bay Lightning 

Jesus Chr*st, the Lightning are Cup favorites. Actually just hand them the Stanley Cup right now while you’re at it. If the Lightning roster did not scare you enough, they now add another top 15 defensemen to it, and top 100 forward. The Lightning added Ryan McDonagh, not only for his playoff experience but because this is the piece to help them win a cup finally. McDonagh is known for his extremely solid defensive play and being the Rangers best defenseman. Well, now he lands with some familiar faces in Tampa Bay(Girardi, Callahan, Stralman, Miller). McDonagh will probably pair with Sergachev making Tampa’s top four Stralman, Hedman, Sergachev, McDonagh. Alone Stralman, McDonagh, Hedman is enough to make them legit contenders. Now McDonagh actually gets to be paired with a defenseman who can play defense, he has been paired with a bunch of slumps in New York, McDonagh will be able to play offensively and defensively without having to worry about his d partner getting walked every time he jumps in the rush. McDonagh has played 49 games this season, adding 2 goals, 26 assists, 9 power play points and +7 on a terrible New York team, going plus is pretty impressive. McDonagh will thrive in a winning environment around some of the best players in the league, the guy is known to be a competitor, somebody who is known to be the hardest worker on and off the ice and being surrounded by excellence will only make McDonagh even more of a star in Tampa Bay. Famously known as MacTruck in New York, this guy will be running through people now.



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