NHL Power Rankings UPDATED: Bruins top rankings, Flyers & Minnesota emerge in top ten

NHL Power Rankings edition number like six I think, last power rankings article was February 14, and like I said every two weeks I like to update this ranking period. See what teams can gain some momentum, some teams fall off the tracks and some teams that just say hey, we are still playing terrible don’t mind us. Also, surprise top 15 came into play here. Hate me or love me on these rankings, it’s ok.

Here is the new rankings as of Feb. 14, 2018. 

  1. Boston Bruins(+1) 
  2. Vegas Golden Knights(-1)
  3. Nashville Predators(+3)
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning(even) 
  5. Winnipeg Jets(-2) 
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs(NEW)
  7. Dallas Stars(+1)
  8. Pittsburgh Penguins(NEW)
  9. Washington Capitals(-4) 
  10. Minnesota Wild(NEW)

AND… Here is the new NHL Power Rankings as of March 2, 2018!

  1. Nashville Predators (+2) 
  2. Boston Bruins (-1) 
  3. Vegas Golden Knights (-1) 
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning (even)
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs (+1) 
  6. Winnipeg Jets (-1) 
  7. Minnesota Wild (+3) 
  8. Philadelphia Flyers (NEW) 
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins (-1) 
  10. Dallas Stars (-3) 
  11. San Jose Sharks (Hey, why not here is the top fifteen while we’re at it. )
  12. Anaheim Ducks
  13. Los Angeles Kings 
  14. Florida Panthers
  15. New Jersey Devils 




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