FREE NHL Picks: March 3, 2018

Philadelphia Flyers(34-20-10) vs Tampa Bay Lightning(44-17-4)

Yikes, the Flyers drop a tough one to Carolina Thursday night and now have to face another team that is coming off a tight win, tighter than it needed to be. The Lightning has not been playing overall dominant hockey like we are used to seeing, but without Nikita Kucherov and Ryan McDonagh still has yet to play, we have not even seen what this team is capable of. The Lightning are 6-3-1 in their last ten, welcoming the red-hot Flyers for the final meeting of two between the two. The Flyers and Lightning have met two times prior to this and the season series is tied at one apiece, both teams have taken games on the road here. The last time these two faced off was January 25. The Flyers since than have been on absoutle Eagles Super Bowl high. Winning 10 of their 14 games since January 25. But over the last ten games, the Flyers are 8-1-1, in the second spot of the Metropolitan division. These will be a tough one, no Kucherov(I believe), no Simmonds, both teams are missing key pieces. This will be the toughest decision of the day besides what beer you should get, you probably won’t even be awake by the start of this game. Whatever, I’m going Tampa Bay.

St. Louis Blues(35-25-4) vs Dallas Stars(36-23-5)

Talk about a quick death, jeez, the Blues have been god awful over the last month of play, coming out of no where with their awful play and it has certainly killed them as they are now two points out of a wild-card spot and 5 points out of their once top three spot in the Central division. The Blues if things could not sound worse, sent over one of their most skilled, veteran forwards to a division rival, I am not sure the thinking there but it has certainly caused some ruckus in the locker room. The Blues are 3-6-1 in their last ten coming off a win vs Detroit Wednesday night. Luckily as the Stars have not been playing great either, get to face a team that is struggling and hopefully pick up a win to get started in the right direction. The Stars are coming off a tough loss to Tampa Bay Thursday night, they post a 5-4-1 record in their last ten and are only two points in a playoff spot. The Stars need this win, so does St. Louis but, I am going Dallas tonight.

Montreal Canadiens(25-29-10) vs Boston Bruins(39-15-8)

Have to love it the Canadiens playing absoutle spoilers hockey, beating the Islanders two times this week, in back to back matchups. They beat the Islanders in Montreal than said hey yeah sure well beat you on your home ice real quick before we head to Boston to put up a dogfight there too. The Canadiens are seeming to buy into this, we are not in the playoffs so let’s screw over other teams chances mentality. Brendan Gallagher has been the story for Montreal’s offense as he has 4 goals, 8 assists in the last month and 1 goal, 5 assists in the last two months. The Bruins themselves are coming off a pounding over the Penguins 8-4, and sit just inches away from that top spot in the Atlantic. The Bruins are 6-4-0 in their last ten, on a two-game winning streak and well, as we know it, have been one of the best teams in hockey this season. This is a 5 o’clock (EST), free game on NHL Network and an original six match up. These two no matter the rankings always come to play vs each other, they have played three times now and the Bruins currently hold the season series 3-0, even more of a reason to see a dogfight the Canadiens do not want to get swept 4-0 and they would also love to beat the Bruins as they contend for a top spot in the league. Tonight I am going Boston.

Toronto Maple Leafs(39-20-7) vs Washington Capitals(36-21-7)

Oh, for those that do not know the NHL has decided to schedule an outdoor game at the beginning of March at the Naval Academy’s football stadium. Real smart. This game will be the third outdoor game this season and one many fans probably did not know about. I’m sorry off topic here but the NHL does an awful job promoting games. Anyways the Leafs are playing some of their best hockey this season even with Auston Matthews out, they are a point behind Boston and 7 points behind Tampa Bay, they are 7-1-2 in their last ten, coming off a tough loss to Florida in overtime. The Leafs last two losses have come in overtime, a positive sign as they do pick up one point. The Capitals, on the other hand, are first in the Metro by one point(luckily Philly plays Tampa, but Pitt plays NYI), posting a 4-4-2 record in their last ten coming off a win vs Ottawa Tuesday night. The NHL decided to give both these teams three days of rest before playing this game. This two do not have much history to each other, Toronto an original six team, Washington is one of the better teams in the NHL for several years now. These two have met two times up to this point and tonight will be their last meeting of three. The series is tied at one apiece, and both teams have taken games on the road. Washington is the home team here and tonight I am going with Toronto. The game will air on NBC at 8:00 PM (EST).

Other games on tonight…

Rangers vs Oilers: Rangers Spooner, Hayes look to continue point streaks vs Edmonton

Blackhawks vs Kings: Kings

Islanders vs Penguins: Penguins. The Islanders stink, I’m sorry you had your two chances to beat Montreal to gain some playoff traction and now you go into Pittsburgh who is coming off a terrible loss, the Islanders will be looking in come April. They’ll look back beginning of March and be like wow 3-6-1 at one point, on a three-game losing streak but we’re trying to make a playoff push.

Senators vs Coyotes: Coyotes

Side note the NHL really shits the bed when it comes to scheduling games on live TV, they decide not to air the Lightning vs Flyers game, two top teams in the league, ok, whatever. Decide to air the dog sh*t Blackhawks vs Kings game on NHL Network at prime time Saturday time, 4 PM, do not even attempt to put on the Canadiens vs Bruins game on live TV, an original six match up and will probably be a great game, and then they schedule this outdoor game in March and the only news I heard about it was on NHL Network. Hey NHL, the only people who watch NHL Network are HOCKEY FANS you dinguses, absolutely terrible marketing by the NHL marketing team. I seriously think the NHL forgot they scheduled this outdoor game and two weeks ago were like “sh*t Toronto plays Washington outdoors the first weekend of March. We should probably start advertising this game to the media since you know playoff football/college football is over. It is on a Saturday and the only thing that will be on at 8:00 PM Saturday night is Boston vs Houston of the NBA, and North Carolina vs Duke of NCCAB. Welp, we really sh*t the bed here! Maybe next year?”. I’m done now. 




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