FREE NHL Picks: March 9, 2018

Before I get into today’s pick article, I do have to mention, the first day back went 11-1, and the only game I picked incorrectly was the Capitals game, of course, go figures. But, hey, 11-1 and four games tonight, feeling a 4-0 slate here tonight too.

Detroit Red Wings(26-30-11) vs Columbus Blue Jackets(35-28-5)

The Red Wings got shut out by Vegas Thursday night on home ice and now they travel to Columbus for a back to back and quick turn around. The Blue Jackets are coming off a big win, staying in the playoff hunt and now have another chance to gain some separation and ground on New Jersey for the first wild-card spot. The Blue Jackets are coming off a big overtime win vs Colorado. Playing better hockey lately posting a three-game winning streak, and 6-4-0 in their last ten. The Red Wings are well out of it essentially, I went through this yesterday no need to beat a dead horse here now. The Red Wings are going back to back as well as the Blue Jackets so both teams will probably be going with a backup goaltender. With the playoffs on the line and the Blue Jackets making a push now, going Blue Jackets.

Calgary Flames(33-25-10) vs Ottawa Senators(23-32-11)

The Flames are three points out of a playoff spot with a game behind on the Avalanche and Kings, right now it is tough to say if the Flames will make a playoff appearance, they faced a ton of rough spots lately and with Mike Smith out they have been struggling to win consistently. The Flames in their last ten are 3-5-2 and since Smith has been out they have dropped eight of 12 and the now goaltender David Rittich is 1-4-1 with a 4.00 GAA, not sure who makes an appearance between the two Rittich or Gillies. The Senators are just looking towards next year, trying to figure out some contract extensions and just chipping away, trying to stay positive and string together some wins for a good note to end the season on. The Senators issues started in goaltending and there is no doubt about that Anderson is 19-20-6 with a 3.24 GAA and back up goaltender Mike Condon is 4-12-5 with the same goals against(GAA). Tonight with the playoff hunt on the line, the Flames need this and they do play a little better on the road, plus Ottawa coming off a long game Thursday night and turning around quickly to today, going Flames.

Anaheim Ducks(34-22-12) vs Dallas Stars(37-24-6)

This is probably going to be the best game of the night and you won’t be able to watch it if you are on the east coast. The Ducks are coming off a tough loss Thursday night in Nashville showed some signs of pushback but overall a solid sign for the Ducks. The Ducks have been playing a lot better as a team and have pushed themselves into a divisional spot. The Ducks are 7-2-1 in their last ten coming off a Thursday night game may be tough vs another solid Western Conference team. The Stars did not play Thursday and coming into this game home and on three-days rest. The Stars are within in a playoff spot and probably will be there come April, but in their last ten, they are 4-4-2. A mediocre run for a playoff team, luckily they have other teams surrounding them that are also playing poorly, but the Stars are a solid group offensively and Ben Bishop has been a solid number one this season. Going to be a fun matchup here tonight, tough to choose, think I’m leaning towards Anaheim here.

Minnesota Wild(38-22-7) vs Vancouver Canucks(25-33-9)

The Canucks are also out a playoff spot just looking towards the future and next year, will again get a solid draft pick and with their future draft picks have worked out they seem to be looking like a solid team in the future. For example, Brock Boeser is out but look at his 30-goal season, and prospect Elias Pettersson became the highest scorer in U20 SHL history. Anyways, Canucks are coming off a 2-1 loss to Arizona Wednesday night as the Wild are coming off a 6-2 win vs Carolina Tuesday night. The Wild have turned their season around with their recent play and win streak, the goal scoring of Eric Staal and his linemates plus other accompanying players the Wild are three in the Central and well within in a playoff spot. Still, have the Stars on their tail but the Wild are on a two-game win streak and 7-2-1 in their last ten. Coming off a couple days rest, the Wild will take this one with ease tonight, going Wild.


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