FREE NHL Picks: March 12, 2018

Vegas Golden Knights(44-19-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers(35-23-11)

Flyers are coming off a huge win vs Winnipeg Saturday night and now welcome another top team in the Western Conference, Vegas. Two playoff teams going at it always makes for a high intensity, great atmosphere game. Vegas has been a story in itself this season breaking every inaugural team record, and remaining in first in the Pacific for what feels like forever. Despite Vegas’s 5-4-1 record in their last ten, they did, in fact, see very little production from guys like Marchessault, Haula, and Karlsson, and that’s what worries me when these guys are not producing look what happens to Vegas. Similiar to the Flyers if Giroux, Voracek, and Konecny are not producing what happens to Philly? These two teams have a fresh start to the week, they have met in the past where Philly came to Vegas and did the unspeakable by beating Vegas on home ice. Now, it is Vegas’s turn to that to Philadelphia. Which I could see happening, the Flyers are well within in a playoff spot, but a 5-4-1 record in their last ten shows they may be coming back down to earth. Got hot at the right time, great, but they still have 12 games(after tonight) to finish it off. Going Vegas tonight.

Winnipeg Jets(41-18-9) vs Washington Capitals(38-23-7)

Most certainly does not get easier for Washington tonight, they drop two of three in their West Coast trip and now they turn around for a new week, and return home vs one of the better teams in the NHL, Winnipeg. Winnipeg is coming off a bad road loss as well, and they will stay on the road until Thursday. This team may be in a playoff spot but it would be a bad for the team confidence this late in the season to drop all three games on the road and come home to a bad Chicago team and possibly drop that. Winnipeg is 7-3-0 in their last ten with a 17-11-7 road record, well within a playoff spot and second place finish. The Capitals are similar to Winnipeg, they have dropped some tough games and being on the road has not helped now they return home to a tough opponent, posting a 5-5-0 record in their last ten, with the playoffs coming soon and the season coming down to the wire, the Capitals need to start stringing some wins together. Tough one here tonight but I am going Winnipeg, Washington will take their back to back with the Islanders Thursday, Friday this week.

Ottawa Senators(23-33-11) vs Florida Panthers(34-25-7)

The Panthers are rolling right now watch out people, Dadanov-Barkov connection is in full force, Bjugstad is finally scoring and Keith Yandle is in rare form. The Panthers have single handily surged their playoff hopes back after an impressive February run and now two weeks into March. Florida is 8-1-1 in their last ten, coming off a big shootout win and a two-game win streak. The Panthers are three points out of a playoff spot. Better hope Canadiens spoil the Blue Jackets night and Panthers win if you are a Florida fan. The Senators not much to say about them, Craig Anderson has been an absolute dumpster fire this year, the team chemistry seems to be in hot water and they are just wishing for the offseason and looking towards the 2018-2019. Senators are 2-6-2 in their last ten coming off a loss to Calgary. Going with the hot hand and home team, Florida.

St. Louis Blues(36-27-5) vs Anaheim Ducks(34-23-12)

I don’t even think the Blues know what is going on, they are coming off a smackdown win vs Los Angeles where they won 7-2 and now they head to Anaheim to continue their West Coast fantasy play. The Blues are an interesting case in the sense they have the tools to get it done, but they have played so terribly over the last month they have dropped out of a playoff spot. They are 2-6-2 in their last ten but still only three points out of a wild-card spot. Either way with Anaheim at home and playing some good hockey lately, Ryan Getzlaf on a streak, Rakell scoring, and John Gibson staying healthy the Ducks are hard to beat here. They are 6-3-1 on a two-game losing streak but that will be snapped tonight, they play fairly well at home with a 19-9-5 record and overall are a better team. Tonight I am going Anaheim.

Vancouver Canucks(25-35-9) vs Los Angeles Kings(37-26-5)

Kings are really their own worst enemy, they get a team that has been struggling immensely Saturday night and get smoked by them on home ice and now flirt even more with a playoff spot. They sit one point behind Colorado and again welcome a struggling, mediocre hockey team that should be an easy win tonight. The Kings need to start learning how to play consistent hockey or they will find themselves on the golf course come the end of March. In their last ten, they are 6-4-0 and the Canucks are 2-5-3 coming into the game on a three-game losing streak. The Canucks have nothing going for them right now, besides prospects and pick(s) to come. Tonight I am going Kings, but who knows with these guys.

Detroit Red Wings(26-31-11) vs San Jose Sharks(36-23-9)

Sharks have steadily been in the two spot of the Pacific for a while now but with Anaheim playing how they have been the Sharks could possibly fall out of the two spot sometime soon. Luckily they welcome a non-playoff team, well I guess that is good and bad but the Red Wings are 2-6-2 in their last ten coming in on a two-game losing streak. As the Sharks are 5-4-1 in their last ten coming off a shutout loss to Washington on home ice. Can’t see the Sharks losing another game on home ice here and especially since the Ducks are closing in on them with very few games to play it is desperation mode for the Sharks. Going Sharks tonight.



Hurricanes vs Rangers: I’ll try and get a preview up later, currently on vacation.¬†


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