FREE NHL Picks: March 13, 2018

Boston Bruins(43-16-8) vs Carolina Hurricanes(30-28-11)

The Hurricanes are coming off a back to back, a home game at least but, a back to back is tough to bounce back from. Especially when the Canes loss to the Rangers, and now have to face one of the best teams in the league. This is going to be an easy choice, the Bruins are coming in off a loss to the Blackhawks and well rested, despite some injuries to their team and top players they will still be fine. The Bruins are 7-3-0 in their last ten and well within a playoff spot and have two games to play in hand compared to other teams. The Canes on the other hand, at one point, were within a playoff spot, but to some inconsistent play, mediocre hockey and streaky scoring, the Canes are now going to be looking out come April. Anyways, Bruins on the road, 18-9-4 with the Canes at home, 16-12-5, I’m confident the Bruins are going to win here tonight.

Dallas Stars(38-25-6) vs Montreal Canadiens(25-32-12)

Spoiler hockey time for the Canadiens, they have legitimately no one on their roster that possesses any threat and they have terrible of injuries to their top players. The Canadiens are coming into this game off a tough loss to Columbus and 3-3-4 in their last ten. We cannot overlook the Canadiens just due to the sheer fact of being out of it, the Canadiens in a sense thrive off that losing mentality. Dallas cannot afford to lose this game though they have teams closing in on them for a wild-card spot and if they want to be here around April they will need to win games like this for the rest of the season. Dallas is 4-4-2 in their last ten, currently two points within a playoff spot and have four teams on their tail. Dropping games like this is a no-go for Dallas, going with the Stars tonight.

Winnipeg Jets(41-18-10) vs Nashville Predators(44-14-10)

This is going to be one hell of a game, two of the top teams in the Central and two tops in the league. The Predators have been extremely successful as of late and they are 9-0-1 in their last ten and have gained a point in their last ten, while the Jets are coming off a tough overtime loss to Washington Monday night. This will the Jets crutch tonight is that long game Monday and now going back to back with a travel day to Nashville the Jets will not have an easy time tonight with the Preds. The Jets are 6-3-1 in their last ten and well within a playoff spot. This game will consist of some of the best depth teams in the league and the Preds, Jets tonight is a preview of what could possibly come in the quarterfinals this year. Tough game, but going with the Predators tonight, at home, well rested and the Jets in a back to back, traveling going to be tough to shake bus legs vs a good team.

Colorado Avalanche(36-24-8) vs Minnesota Wild(39-23-7) 

This is another great game and a game that will be aired on NBCSN, the Avalanche, Wild have met three times prior to this and the two last meetings the Avalanche have slotted seven goals in both games, and currently the season series at 2-1. The last time they met was March 2 as well so the game is still fresh in the Wild’s heads. The Wild are well within a playoff spot and have been playing great hockey as of late, 7-3-0 in their last ten and coming off a tough loss to Edmonton, but the Wild are coming off a two and a half days rest, at home, cannot see them losing. This season series the home team has taken all games, Minnesota the first time November 24 at Minnesota, then to Colorado two times now back to Minnesota. Plus Colorado is coming in off a win vs Arizona where they slotted 5 goals and I cannot see Dubynk allowing 2 or more goals. Tonight all signs point to Minnesota. Going Minny at home, easy choice.

Other games tonight…

Ottawa vs Lightning: Lightning, Ottawa can’t win two games in a row. 

Oilers vs Flames: Tough one the Flames are trying to make a playoff run the Oilers are just wishing and praying for the offseason and they have nothing to lose here. Going Flames though. 

Kings vs Coyotes: Luckily the Kings won Monday night, and they have another easy opponent here. Going Kings though.


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