FREE NHL Picks: March 15, 2018

Washington Capitals(39-23-7) vs New York Islanders(30-29-10)

The Capitals are coming into this game having played the Islanders two times already, once home and away, the season series is currently tied at one apiece. The Capitals are currently in first of the Metropolitan division and coming into this game on a two-game win streak plus a three days rest. They beat the top team in the West, Winnipeg and are more than likely going to be here come April. They are 5-5-0 in their last ten, looking to string together some confidence here and run with some momentum into the playoffs. Ovechkin has been the story for the Capitals this year and he will continue to carry this team for the entirety of the year. The Islanders shot themselves in the foot, around the trade deadline, after not making any trade deadline moves that improved their roster plus not fixing their goaltending situation. The Islanders have dropped out of a playoff spot substantially and will more than likely be done this year. They are 2-4-4 in their last ten, coming off a win vs Calgary. They face Washington back to back and will have a tough time in both games. Tonight I am thinking Islanders at home and Capitals taking tomorrow in Washington, but again the Islanders are not playing well but are a team that can steal a few late here.

Columbus Blue Jackets(37-28-5) vs Philadelphia Flyers(35-24-11)

This is one of the better games of the night, two playoff contending teams the Flyers in the three spot right now leading Columbus by two points, Columbus certainly turning their season around late here making a serious playoff push and the Flyers coming down a little bit. The Flyers are 4-5-1 in their last ten, having dropped their last game vs Vegas and dropping five games all to playoff teams is not a good sign. The Flyers drop this one tonight they possibly flirt with playing the Lightning first round. If you are the Flyers you are playing this game like it is a do or die game. And if you are Columbus you are thinking the same thing. Going to be an extremely intense game, back and forth for sure and a game where we see a bleak view of playoff hockey. Columbus is the hot team here as they are 7-3-0 in their last ten on a five-game winning streak, but the Flyers do have the Blue Jackets number this year as they have taken two games out of the three thus far as well as picking up five of the possible six points. The last meeting between the two, going to be a good one. Going Blue Jackets.

Boston Bruins(44-16-8) vs Florida Panthers(34-26-7)

This is another amazing game tonight, a lot of good games on tonight and the Bruins vs Panthers is one of them. The Panthers need to win this game they propelled themselves into a playoff spot with their expectational play during February and a little of March but have dropped a bad game vs Ottawa Monday night and now they welcome one of the best teams in the NHL. Panthers are 8-1-1 in their last ten and have yet to face Boston this year though. A divisional opponent and two teams that definitely don’t like each other. Boston comes into Florida 7-3-0, but also on four days rest and a loss vs Chicago. They are 7-3-0 in their last with an 18-9-4 away record as Florida has a 21-10-3 home record. This is going to be probably one of the best games of the night. A lot of playoff implications lay on the line here, as Florida is four points out of a playoff spot and they face Boston three more times after tonight. This is a HUGE game for Florida and they all know it except this team to come out playing desperate, gritty and laying it all on the line. The top guys for Florida will have to be firing tonight, as the Bruins are without Charlie McAvoy and Patrice Bergeron, the Panthers need to take advantage of the Bruins top guys being out. Going Panthers here tonight.

Colorado Avalanche(36-24-8) vs St. Louis Blues(37-27-5)

Blues may want to figure it out here. They go a month playing terrible hockey to now wanting to make a playoff push after winning two games back to back and being within spitting distance of a playoff spot. Their last two wins vs L.A. and Anaheim came out of nowhere, by no means were they slotted to win that game neither nor did anyone think they would. They now face another playoff/wildcard opponent and a team that is one of the teams they are within spitting distance right now. Colorado comes into St. Louis on a win vs Arizona and posting a 5-1-4 in their last ten. The Avalanche’s desperation hockey has allowed them to pick up 14 of the last 20 points, which has pushed them into the second wild-card spot. The Avalanche need this win but so does St. Louis if they have all of sudden decided they want to be a playoff contender again this year. Tonight, the Blues welcome Colorado and a team they have beaten three times this season already and play one more time after tonight. This is going to be a tough one the Blues in the past have the Av’s number, but I see Colorado taking this.

Other games on tonight…

Leafs vs Sabres: As I said about the two games below, the same thing goes here. Anderson is out though I suppose after his collision Tuesday night. Going Leafs though even in a back to back. 

Penguins vs Canadiens: Penguins can’t drop two games in a row and back to back. Going Penguins. 

Blackhawks vs Jets: Jets, don’t screw us over Winnipeg. This is a gimme game. 

Predators vs Coyotes: You too, Nashville. Don’t play spoiler hockey Arizona, no one likes it. Go, Nashville tonight. 

Red Wings vs Kings: Who knows, with this one Kings are very streaky but I’d go Kings. 


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