NHL Power Rankings: UPDATED; Bolts on top, Panthers emerge, Wild climbing rankings

It’s been two weeks as of now since the last power rankings and not much has changed quite honestly. This will be the second to last power rankings article as well since the season is ending in nearly 4 weeks now, with 12-14 games to be played now.

Here is last weeks power rankings article: This was as of March 2, 2018 

  1. Nashville Predators (+2) 
  2. Boston Bruins (-1) 
  3. Vegas Golden Knights (-1) 
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning (even)
  5. Toronto Maple Leafs (+1) 
  6. Winnipeg Jets (-1) 
  7. Minnesota Wild (+3) 
  8. Philadelphia Flyers (NEW) 
  9. Pittsburgh Penguins (-1) 
  10. Dallas Stars (-3) 
  11. San Jose Sharks (Hey, why not here is the top fifteen while we’re at it. )
  12. Anaheim Ducks
  13. Los Angeles Kings 
  14. Florida Panthers
  15. New Jersey Devils 

And here is now the updated version of the top 10 in the NHL as well as the teams ranked 16-20. 

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning(+3) Lighting are 9-0-1 in their last ten, one a five-game win streak and have been the number one, two team in the NHL for the entire season. Likely President trophy winners and a clear favorite for the Cup.
  2. Nashville Predators(-1) Also a team that has been in the top five for the entire season and 9-0-1 in their last ten. Another clear Cup favorite and a team that will be making a deep playoff run, with their depth on all facets of the ice.
  3. Boston Bruins(-1) A team that has been here for quite some time now and a team that has surely surprised a lot of people around the league. The play of Bergeron, Krejci, Pasternak, Marchand plus their role players performing well the Bruins are another favorite for a deep playoff run.
  4. Minnesota Wild(+3)A bit of a questionable ranking for the Wild here but they have turned their season around and even with some key guys injured and or not producing they have done a fine job stringing wins together and propelling themselves in a top spot.
  5. Winnipeg Jets(+1)The Jets are enjoying Patrik Laine’s 40 plus goal season and recent goal streak, they are sure happy this guy did not hit a sophomore slump. Also with the play of Connor Hellebyuck being a number one goalie, the Jets have finally secured the goaltending spot and now a top rank in the league.
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs(-1)
  7. Pittsburgh Penguins(+2)
  8. Philadelphia Flyers(EVEN)
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets(NEW)Five-game win streak and 7 wins in their last ten with 12 games to play the Blue Jackets are getting hot at the right time and shaping up to be the team we all knew.
  10. Florida Panthers(+4)
  11. San Jose Sharks (EVEN)
  12. Dallas Stars(-2)
  13. Washington Capitals(new)
  14. Anaheim Ducks(-2)
  15. Colorado Avalanche(new) 
  16. Los Angeles Kings(-3)
  17. Calgary Flames(new)
  18. New Jersey Devils(-3)
  19. Edmonton Oilers(new)
  20. Arizona Coyotes(new)

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