Who in the HUNT will make it

Right now, we are nearing in on the regular season, all teams have 71 plus games played and some have as many as 75 games played. which means we are looking at nearly 9 or fewer game left in the regular season. Which also means that in the next week or so, we will have a good idea of what teams will be in the playoffs and which teams will be out.

East Coast heating up…

Taking a look over at the Eastern Conference. This conference is going to come down to the wire, it seems as if the top three in each division are a shoe in. Tampa Bay, Boston, Toronto, those three will stay in that order until playoff time. Also, the top three in the Metropolitan, Washington, Pittsburgh, Columbus, now these three will be moving around until the last day I believe. The two wild-card spots, in the first one, are the Flyers who were in the three seed but after dropping five of ten games they have found themselves 4 points ahead of the Devils. Now, the Devils are the interesting team because they have 73 games played with 82 points and end the season with Pittsburgh(A), Tampa(H), Carolina(H), Pittsburgh(H), Montreal(A), Rangers(H), Toronto(H) and Washington to close it out. While the Panthers who have 81 points with 71 games played, have two games in hand on the Devils, one point back and end the season with, Columbus(A), Arizona(H), Islanders(A), Toronto(A), Ottawa(A), Boston(A), Carolina(H), Nashville(H), Boston(H), Buffalo(H), Boston(A).

My prediction: I mean we look at the Panthers schedule and they hit the road soon for four straight road games then come back for four straight home games, play 5 playoff teams in their remaining 11 games and definitely have the favor of the schedule in their hands here. I think the Panthers honestly bump out the Devils unless the Devils go on some sort of tear here, take Philadelphia’s spot, then Philly can’t find a way to win, then maybe Panthers, Devils get in. Unlikely so I am going with Devils out, Panthers in.

West Coast tripping…

Heading over to the Western Conference now. Much like the East, the top three are basically solidified in each division. Besides the Pacific, the three seed is still up for grabs. Anyways, it looks like Nashville, Winnipeg and Minnesota are in. Vegas, San Jose are in, and just waiting on either Dallas, Anaheim or L.A. to take the three spot in the Pacific. Anyways the wild card race in this division has looked different every month but consistently we have seen Dallas, Anaheim, St. Louis, L.A. and Colorado in contention.

My prediction: For the wild card spots here I honestly am sticking with Colorado they have 8 games left and have picked up points in their last nine games. They face the Kings twice, Vegas twice, St. Louis, Anaheim and the Sharks as there real threats right now. The second team getting in I see is the Kings(assuming Ducks take the three spot), I say the Kings because right now Dallas is on a huge skid, Ben Bishop got hurt recently and won’t return for the regular season, that is going to be a huge crutch and plus the Kings have the easiest remaining schedule with 3 non-playoff teams, and 5 home games remaining also. Kings and Avalanche sneak in the wild card spots here for me.


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