FREE NHL Picks: March 27, 2018

Carolina Hurricanes(34-31-11) vs New Jersey Devils(39-28-8)

The Devils pick up a win tonight this will be the first time in 5 years the Devils have won forty games. We would have to assume the Devils are the favorite here tonight, clearly the better team, a much more desperate team as well and at home. They come into this game one point in a playoff game, on a two-game win streak, winning 6 of their last 10 and coming off a huge road win vs Tampa Bay. The Devils have just six games to play after tonight, every point will matter moving forward. They luckily face a Carolina team that played Monday night and are on a road trip. But the bad news is that the Hurricanes are on a three-game win streak coming into this game with some mometum. The season series between these two is favored in the Devils side 2-1, their last meeting came earlier this month, March 2, where the Hurricanes won 3-1. The Devils starter is unknown right now, Keith Kinkaid has seen a majority of the time lately starting in the last 7 games. The Hurricanes have been doing something similar with Cam Ward and Scott Darling, but coming off a win vs Ottawa Monday night with Ward in net, Darling may get the nod tonight. Either way, I see this to be an extremely gritty and down to the wire game, the Hurricanes may be going in on a back to back but I see a solid road game form this squad but a Devils win, go, Devils, tonight.

San Jose Sharks(44-23-9) vs St. Louis Blues(42-28-5)

This game has playoffs written all over it, one team comes in on a back to back but also on an 8-game win streak as the other team is coming in on three-day rest and their own five-game win streak. The Blues have made a late-season playoff push here, winning their last five games and jumping into wild-card contention by one point. By the way, the Sharks have been playing the Blues are arguably facing one of the best teams in the NHL right now. Good news for St. Louis is that they may be getting Aaron Dell tonight as Martin Jones played Monday night in a game that went to a shootout. Dell has not started since March 17, in which he allowed three goals to Vancouver. The Sharks and Blues have met now two times prior to this and the Sharks hold the advantage 2-0, playing their last game Mar. 8. The Blues are battling for a playoff spot, where the Sharks are essentially in one already, the desperation and rest of the Blues will be a huge factor tonight. The Sharks have a quick turn around after a long game last night and now head to St. Louis. I see the Blues taking this one here tonight.

Minnesota Wild(42-24-9) vs Nashville Predators(48-16-11)

The Predators home are like the Wild home, almost perfect. The Wild come into this game playing five playoff teams in their last 6 games and also playing the Predators just two days ago in Minnesota in which they won. The Predators now get to face the Wild in their home barn and get an attempt to return the favor. The Preds are 6-2-2 coming off an overtime loss to Winnipeg and have played some really good teams lately. Their schedule will not get easier heading into the playoffs. For a Cup favorite team this Predators team has slowed down a tad but I don’t think there is any freight for this team. The Wild beating the Predators just two days ago will certainly play a huge factor in the Preds play tonight, we can expect an aggressive and dominate Preds team. This team has met now four times and the season series favors the Wild 3-1, no shot the Preds lose four times to this team. Each game the home team has won and we can expect that again here tonight, going Preds tonight.

Boston Bruins(47-17-10) vs Winnipeg Jets(46-19-10)

These two teams are already clinched in a playoff spot so this game really does not mean much, but as the season comes to an end and playing competition like this for the entire postseason will be a good benchmark for how the Jets and Bruins will perform in the playoffs. The Bruins come into this game off an overtime win vs Minnesota, posting a 6-2-2 record in their last ten and the Jets also come off an overtime win over the Predators posting a 7-2-1 record in their last ten on a five-game win streak. Both teams have days rest to deal with but the Jets did not have to travel during that day off. The Jets at home this season are 29-7-2, much like Boston, they are a relentless team and one of the best in the league. We can assure a playoff atmosphere, both starters will more than likely get the nod here. I see the Jets taking this one, yes the Bruins are a solid team and a relentless team but this will be a very low scoring, tight game, the Bruins are getting pieces back together and the Jets may be welcoming Jacob Trouba back to the lineup. Tonight I see a Jets win.

Philadelphia Flyers(38-25-13) vs Dallas Stars(38-30-8)

The Flyers need these two points but so do the Stars, expect one big problem the Stars have now dropped four straight and seven of their last ten. Essentially knocking them out of playoff contention and a look to next season. The Flyers come into this game off a loss to Pittsburgh and 4-4-2 in their last ten, they are tied with Columbus for the three seed in the Metro and only ahead of New Jersey by three points. A crucial two points for the Flyers and a team that has playing a bit inconsistent as of late. I think the Flyers come out strong though, a road game, where they are just as good on the road as they are at home will be no worry for the Flyers. They face a fragile and bad Dallas team right now. Petr Mrazek will more than likely get the nod tonight, with Alex Lyon getting yanked Sunday afternoon. Doesn’t matter who is in net for Dallas if it isn’t Ben Bishop this team is going to be struggling as we saw Sunday night vs Vancouver where Kari Lehtonen could not stop a beach ball. Going Flyers tonight.

Other games on tonight… 

Islanders vs Senators: YIKES. Islanders ?????

Penguins vs Red Wings: Penguins 

Blue Jackets vs Oilers: Blue Jackets, I’d hope. 

Ducks vs Canucks: Ducks, I’d hope. 



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