2018 NHL Draft Profiles: Adam Boqvist

This week in Draft Profiles, I take a look at Adam Boqvist, the dynamic offensive defenseman for Brynäs IF J20. He’s one of the best defensive prospects in the draft this year and was blessed with speed, agility, and a ridiculous shot for a d-man.

Player Information

Position: RHD

Age: 17, to be 18

Handedness: Right

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 170 lbs

Player Overview


Adam Boqvist is one of the most talented skaters in this year’s draft. Incredible speed and agility going both directions on the ice. His edge work is indicative of his work ethic. He also moves on the ice like a forward and can change direction in a split second. Because of this, he’s able to pinch in the offensive zone and still be able to get back defensively. His skating is reminiscent of Paul Coffey. It’s honestly a work of art. It’s just one of his many strengths as a player.



Boqvist has insane vision and can thread the needle with passes as he pleases. There’s no telling if he’ll be able to do that right away at the NHL level but if you give him a couple of games to adapt, I’m sure he’s smart enough when to make a certain pass and when not to. He has an insane shot for a defenseman. Not only is it strong for his age, it’s accurate.

Take a look at this video of a hat trick he scored in the U-17 5 Nations Tournament:

Here are his career totals so far:



As I mentioned before, Boqvist can change direction when skating and can be defensively responsible even when he pinches in the offensive zone. That aspect of his game is what makes him such an all-around powerhouse of a defenseman. He is able to knock pucks loose with a quick stick and breakout of his own end by himself. He is also capable of making strong breakout passes while deep behind his own goal line.

Personal Thoughts

Adam Boqvist is the second-best defenseman in this draft and if any team has the chance to draft him, they should. Much like the players prior to him, he is an incredible talent that unfortunately being overshadowed by fellow defensive Swede Rasmus Dahlin’s talents. I personally believe that he could go 4th or 5th yet again depending on what each team needs since the top 3 is locked up.


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