FINAL POWER RANKINGS: Predators #1, Eastern Conference teams take top spots

Ok, this is going to be a look at the top-10 teams and also a full look at the rest of the league. We will look at all 31 teams and where they rank! See where your team lands, don’t agree, comment below why you think your team should be ranked higher!

This was last editions NHL power rankings post: As of March 15, 2018

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning(+3) 
  2. Nashville Predators(-1)
  3. Boston Bruins(-1) 
  4. Minnesota Wild(+3)
  5. Winnipeg Jets(+1)
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs(-1)
  7. Pittsburgh Penguins(+2)
  8. Philadelphia Flyers(EVEN)
  9. Columbus Blue Jackets(NEW)
  10. Florida Panthers(+4)

Now the NEW UPDATED NHL power rankings as of April 5, 2018. A 21-day difference between two ranking periods.

  1. Nashville Predators (+1) 
  2. Winnipeg Jets(+3)
  3. Boston Bruins
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning(-3) 
  5. Washington Capitals(NEW)
  6. Vegas Golden Knights(NEW)
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs(-1)
  8. Minnesota Wild(-4)
  9. Anaheim Ducks(NEW)
  10. Columbus Blue Jackets(-1) 
  11. San Jose Sharks 
  12. Pittsburgh Penguins 
  13.  Los Angeles Kings 
  14. New Jersey Devils 
  15. Philadelphia Flyers
  16. St. Louis Blues 
  17. Colorado Avalanche
  18. Florida Panthers
  19. Carolina Hurricanes
  20. Arizona Coyotes
  21. Vancouver Canucks 
  22. Edmonton Oilers
  23. New York Rangers
  24. New York Islanders
  25. Dallas Stars 
  26. Detroit Red Wings
  27. Calgary Flames
  28. Chicago Blackhawks
  29. Buffalo Sabres
  30. Montreal Canadiens 
  31. Ottawa Senators  

YOUR FINAL NHL POWER RANKINGS POST! If you guys liked this edition let me know, I will also be ranking teams from 1-5 on their offseason moves, based on what these top and bottom teams are doing in the offseason, ranking them on if they have made their roster better or worse. And what they will look like coming into next year! Thanks for following along, stay up to date as there will be plenty of playoff coverage!! Follow on Twitter @santageetee or @liveinthestands 


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