Push for the playoffs: Kings, Ducks clinch. Four playoff spots remaining…

Well, well, well, look what we have here the Blues lost Wednesday night to Chicago which helped the Kings clinch their playoff berth, the second wild-card spot. And with Anaheim’s win over Minnesota as well, helped them clinch their spot at the three spot in the Pacific. Which means that the only remaining spot right now is Colorado or St. Louis. With two games for each to play. Colorado vs San Jose tonight and St. Louis vs Chicago tonight, this may be the final day of playoff spot contention.

Essentially if St. Louis losses tonight, and Colorado wins they will clinch. Being that Colorado already has one point on Colorado, two tonight will push Colorado 95 with a game to play and St. Louis loss will keep them at 92, meaning that Colorado leads by three points with a final game to play vs St. Louis on Saturday, April. 7th… This is going to be extremely nerve wrecking.

Moving over to the Eastern Conference. The Blue Jackets, Devils and Flyers have yet to clinch, right now the Blue Jackets seem safe they have two games left, vs Pittsburgh and Nashville. While New Jersey has Toronto and Washington, and Flyers have Carolina and the Rangers. Looking at the schedule the Flyers have the easy route in, but they did have trouble vs the Islanders Tuesday night and lost to Dallas recently. Some bad losses have happened to the Flyers recently and at a bad time. With 94 points and the Panthers trailing them by four points with six points left to earn, may leave some Flyer fans inpatient. The Devils essentially need one point to get in as well as the Blue Jackets. Nothing will come easy the Flyers are really the only team in hot water right now, we can assume the Devils take 1/4 of the remaining points as well as the Blue Jackets. The Panthers schedule though may leave some Flyers at ease, as they play Boston(tonight), Buffalo(Saturday) and Boston(Sunday). The fact the Panthers have to take 4/4 from the Bruins over the next three days is extremely tough going off how good the Bruins have been. Plus Buffalo will not be an easy win, they have seemed to really enjoy beating some good hockey teams and are playing with nothing to lose.

Final verdict: Flyers get in, Colorado gets in (yeah I said Blues yesterday but, I changed)


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