FREE NHL Playoff Picks: April 19, 2018

Boston Bruins vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Do the Leafs have it in them to take two in Toronto to even this series up and avoid being knocked out? We’ll see. After last game and their 4-2 win, the Bruins and Leafs have got a two-day rest and plenty of time to fuel up for a game four battle. The Bruins dominated the first two games, but with going back home, home ice advantage proves to be deadly for playoff teams. The Leafs despite winning did get outshot¬†42 to 30 in game three but staying disciplined and converting on their only power play chance. Well and not to mention Frederick Anderson’s unbelievable¬†save at the end to rob Pastrnak from a goal. The Leafs stayed the course, did their job and took a huge one in Toronto. Now staying home with the Leafs fans on their backs, and Auston Matthews burying his first of the playoffs, along with veteran Patrick Marleau chipping in the Leafs seem ready for a game four duel. Keeping Pastrnak, Bergeron, and Marchand off the scoresheet for game three was key, which they did and they won. Well, that has to happen again and the Leafs need to take this game early, pop one early, get on the Bruins back quick. Make it difficult for Boston and the Leafs have this one. Going Leafs tonight.

Washington Capitals vs Columbus Blue Jackets

This series all three games have gone to overtime, we could probably expect this game to go to overtime as well, I hope so. But the Capitals dropped two bad games in Washington but luckily took one in Columbus and now stay in Columbus for game four. The Capitals risk the odds of losing this game tonight and possibly the series in game five. The Capitals do not want to be a first-round exit, nor do the Blue Jackets though and it seems like every shift and game the Blue Jackets are a bit more determined. The Capitals overtime goal came off a lucky bounce that happens very rarely. Would bet if that does not happen the Blue Jackets win that game. The Blue Jackets have looked like the better team all series honestly and Sergei Bobrovsky has been unbelievable, I would not be surprised one bit if this team wins. And for tonight I am sticking with Columbus.


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