FREE NHL Playoff Picks: April 20, 2018

Philadelphia Flyers vs Pittsburgh Penguins

Well at least the Flyers won one playoff game and lasted five against the Penguins because heading back to Pittsburgh after dropping two in Philadelphia, not only losing them but losing both games by a margin is concerning and that is why all confidence is in Pittsburgh today. The Flyers have been struggling greatly this playoff with scoring, they had one game they scored 5 goals but other three they have combined for 2 goals. It is clearly a concern because when your best player and leading scorer all season has 2 points and the other top player on your team has been irrelevant, it does not help much. The Flyers top guys right now are Sean Couturier who is out currently with 3 points and 1 goal and Nolan Patrick with 2 points and a goal. The Flyers have been outscored 16-7 this series and have no answer whatsoever for the Penguins offense. Don’t see Philadelphia taking this one tonight, going Penguins.

Minnesota Wild vs Winnipeg Jets

Another road team down 3-1, this is the only team out of the three that play tonight I could see winning, despite losing their last game in Minnesota, it was a close game and a 1-0 game all the way to the final seconds. The Wild have been playing the Jets well but of course, the Jets are going to out power the Wild, they are a better all-around team. One positive for the Wild could be Josh Morrisey out for this game, changing off lineups new defensive partners who know could work out in Wild’s favor. Hellebyuck is also coming off a shutout so I don’t think we expect that again here tonight, although it is possible. The Wild will get on the Jets early, they played they well in Winnipeg already and have shown signs of being able to hang around with this team. But I think 3-1, the foot is on the throat we see a relentless, determined Winnipeg team, leaving it all out there. Going Jets.

Colorado Avalanche vs Nashville Predators 

If you are Colorado you have just to be happy you got here after the season you had last year. The Avalanche also did pump the PRedators in game three which is a positive sign, they have been playing really close with Nashville and looking to be a solid contender. Again though like Winnipeg this Nashville team is not going to let any games slip through their fingers again like last year. Without Ryan Hartman won’t matter much for the Predators as they can draw in veteran Scott Hartnell in the lineup. Either way, kudos to the Avalanche they have played this series a lot tougher and harder than I myself and many thought. But when push comes to shove, the president trophy winners and the best team in the league will capitalize on the chance they have. Predators tonight for sure.


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