NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Round Two is SET

Sharks vs Knights: Sharks going Knight hunting? 

San Jose Sharks will take on the Vegas Golden Knights with the hopes of playing for the conference finals and facing either Nashville or Winnipeg. The Golden Knights are still shocking the world right now with their 4-0 sweep over L.A. and their unbelievable inaugural season. Winning the Pacific and now facing the Sharks just four games away from playing for the best team in the West tag. The Knights and Sharks have met 4 times this season and the Knights hold the season advantage, 3-1. Going into this matchup the Sharks are certainly more experienced team here and they do know what it is like to play on the big stage, their cup run two years ago is definitely a factor into the decision making for the series winner.

These two had similar first rounds, the Sharks swept as did Vegas but the Sharks scored 16 goals in 4 games and handled the Ducks with ease. As the Golden Knights won every game by a small margin and it turned out to be a goalie duel. The Knights only scored 8 goals in 4 games. This going to shape up to be a very interesting series, the Knights are living on a Cinderella story still as the Sharks are pushing to be a serious case for the Western Conference finals. The Sharks are the favorite here, I would say due to the fact of Evander Kane, Joe Pavelski, Logan Couture and that offense upfront along with 4 very solid defenseman and an experienced, consistent Martin Jones. The Knights did face one of the best goalies in the league, so slotting 14 against Jonathan Quick was not going to be no easy feat, which plays a major role in this decision. The Knights offense did put pressure on Quick and if they can bring that same intensity and firepower to Jones who knows what happens.

I think we are looking at a minimum six-game series here and home ice will play a HUGE role in this series, as it does always. If I had to look at the two teams and what can happen, we probably see both teams win on home ice and whoever has the home-ice advantage is favored greatly, here so Vegas. But the Sharks, I feel more confident in to play consistently and bring the firepower each and every game, making it difficult for Vegas to play their usual style. Going Sharks this series.

Boston vs Tampa Bay. The Atlantic POWERHOUSE!

Boston Bruins take on the Atlantic powerhouse and the thorn in their side right now to get to Lord Stanley the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lightning had a much easier first round then the Bruins which is why I think this series may be in the Lightning’s favor. Although the Bruins do not quit and never give in as we saw Wednesday night with their series win over Toronto. The Lightning have a ton of weapons and rank up perfectly to the Bruins. This is like the Jets vs Predators second round, two teams that can easily contend for the Stanley Cup now have to face off in the second round. The Lightning and Bruins duked it out all season until the final game for the Atlantic division leader, the Lighting got the advantage and now are given four home games this series, which they will probably need all four for.

This series has all the signs to go seven and the Bruins coming off a seven-game series in the first round are more than ready for another one. The Lightning have Nikita Kucherov and Steven Stamkos, which the Devils could not handle or really had any answers for in the first round, luckily for the Bruins they can easily hold these two off due to their forward depth and defensive weapons. The big question mark for the Bruins is Tuukka Rask really, a lot of fans seem to question his ability to play in big games. He did almost cost them the game Wednesday night allowing 4 goals on 12 shots. This is the only real question here for the Bruins. The question mark for Tampa Bay is if they will be able to match the Bruins physical yet finesse style fo play all series. We noticed the Lightning getting banged up the Devils in this series and it caused them to take some bad penalties, they do that against the Bruins enough, it will come back to hurt them.

Although the Lightning are well rested and coming off a relatively easier series, I think the Bruins are a better team all around and I think we see this team take it seven once again.

More playoff talk!

I did talk about the Jets vs Predators series you can check it out here by just clicking on this link Winnipeg Jets vs Nashville Predators: An Early Stanley Cup match up… As well as the Penguins vs Capitals series, in a sense but for my take on that series check it out here by following this link. Why I think the Capitals can take this series…

Also for tonight’s playoff games, of Pittsburgh vs Washington go Washington this first game and Sharks vs Vegas go Vegas this first game. 

If you guys want to hear more playoff and NHL talk, check out the Podcast Pigeons, we record weekly, two times a week to bring you all playoff news and action. If you like to hear things more than reading, this is the podcast to listen to. Head over to this link to check out all episodes!


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