Thoughts leading to the NFL Draft

As we inch closer to the NFL Draft, the scenarios for each team in the first round has been absolutely wild. Mock drafts keep our imagination going as this is Christmas time for many NFL fans, inching closer to the 2018-19 season.

The first 10 picks have been differently mocked by many analysts as well other sport fan fanatics. Over the last few months, players have been shuffled across the board. From Josh Allen going 1, to rumored Baker Mayfield: here is what I think will go down with the first 10 picks.

1. Browns – Baker Mayfield


Mayfield leaped across the boars with his leadership and fearless attitude. He’s so confident, it comes across cocky. I think the Browns are also considering Sam Darnold at the 1. The Jets may be screwed here. Mayfield seemed to be a lock at 3 considering the Giants appeal to Rosen and Barkley. I think Josh Allen’s lack of experience as a glorified QB scared them away from the #1 pick, causing him to slide. With Jarvis Landry and Josh Gordon, Mayfield will make things interesting in Cleveland when it’s time. It’s Tyrod Taylor’s spot to lose until than.

2. NY Giants – Saquon Barkley

I think the gmen go Barkley here. The Draft is loaded with QB talent and the Giants could make a push for a QB if the matchup is right. If they are truly committed to developing around Eli for his remaining years, a solid run game with boost the G-men on offense giving teams the consideration of stopping Barkley. With a solid run game, you could see the G-men repeat their performances with a glorified #1 RB once more. (Tiki Barber, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs). If the Giants don’t go Barkley, Darnold could be a major play as well Rosen.

3. NY Jets – Josh Rosen

I am a huge biased guy when it comes to the Jets. I firmly believe if Rosen is there at 3, the Jets could take him. The Jets fit Rosen in with their Mixed West Coast Offense. I think Rosen is the most accurate QB in the draft and you can’t teach accuracy. It would be sick if the Jets take him. The Jets could make some trades benefiting to get ahead in this draft as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets took Darnold over Rosen. The Jets are notorious with these kind of picks. They hit the mark last year, let’s hope for even better this year.

4. Browns – Bradley Chubb

The Browns have stacked their offense adding Landry as well a QB for the future. I think the Browns will go Defense here with Chubb. Chubb is an excellent player who could help that Line with Myles Garrett. The Browns got rid of Danny Shelton so I think the browns are going to hard reset on that D-line. Lookout for a possible CB or LB if the browns don’t go DL. Minkah Fitzpatrick could also go early to Cleveland.

5. Broncos – Minkah Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick would fill a huge need with the depleted Broncos secondary. Losing Talib to the Rams will hit the Broncos hard considering their already concerning QB needs. Case Keenum is a solid starter that will benefit along with Thomas and Sanders. Even though Talib is an aging star, Talib was the rock that Broncos Defense needed. Keenum will lead the transition until Lynch is ready to go. The Broncos could possibly go Josh Allen also I think, or trade back. Denzel Ward could also be a target this early

6. Colts – Quenton Nelson


The Colts are in desperate need of O-line help to protect their QB for the future in Andrew Luck who has struggled with injury through his whole career. The colts D is also a major concern, but Nelson is too good for the Colts not to pick him. If not Nelson, a Defensive player in Bradley Chubb would be good also if available.

7. Tampa Bay Bucs – Vita Vea

The Bucs added JPP along with the already established Gerald McCoy. Vita Vea would cap off that good D-line. The Bucs have a decent secondary that is being built slowly considering key vet Brent Grimes signed another 1 year deal with Tampa Bay. Wouldn’t be surprised if Tampa Bay goes for Denzel Ward this early, but I think it’ll ultimately be a D-lineman.

8. Bears – Denzel Ward


Ward is a great CB that the Bears desperately need to help their young Offense. The Bears have a lot invested in the Offense, and haven’t really touched their defense. A star CB would help along with a possible d-lineman, but I can see Ward going here.

9. 49ers – TRADE – with Bills or Cardinals to acquire Sam Darnold – Or, they take Marcus Davenport.

The 49ers could trade with these teams in order to gain more additional picks to add to their arsenal. The 49ers don’t need a QB. They need Defensive help sure, but these teams are desperate for a QB and I personally think Darnold and Allen could slip if the Jets don’t take Darnold or the Giants don’t. Or Allen and Darnold slip to these teams somehow. The Top 10 teams in the draft all have Qb’s for the future so why not the trade? Just my take, I don’t think it will end up happening anyway but I feel like this would be a good scenario.

10. Raiders – Calvin Ridley

With Jon Gruden at the helm, I feel like he will try to help Derek Carr develop along with Amari Cooper. I also think this is a long shot but with Crabtree gone, I think the Raiders will like the upside at #10 with Ridley and the other players left on the board. Names to also watch: Trumaine Edwards, Roqan Smith, Orlando Brown, and Arden Key.

I think Josh Allen slips through the Top 10….


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