NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Penguins & Nashville look to even series

Capitals vs Penguins Game 4

The Penguins dropped game three in Pittsburgh, which many did not expect probably but playoff 2.o (Alex Ovechkin, if you don’t get it, listen to Pardon My take) came in big time, a 2-on-1, Ovechkin slammed the post looking like a typical Ovi play but this time he stuck around got the rebound in mid-air slammed it home. Capitals win and have a chance to go back to Washington up 3-1 now. Highly doubt the Penguins lose this game especially with Tom Wilson not playing the Penguins won’t need to worry about anybody taking their heads off. Yes, Wilson is suspended for three games and the series basically, unless there is a game seven.

The Capitals have seen a lot of their success from slowing down the Penguins early in the game, the Penguins have this thing about their game when they score one they score again in minutes. They score in bunches so the key for Washington here this time around is to eliminate back to back goals and when Pittsburgh scores slow the play down and relax. The Penguins scored their second and third goal in 2:51 last game and we have seen it be a recurring theme for them this year. The Capitals will be relying a lot upon Braden Holtby to stay the course and help them win this series. He is the difference maker they have here because Matt Murray does not look good right now and that is something the Capitals have to be picking up on. Pucks on net, and you never know what can happen with Murray. Playing my own devil’s advocate here the Capitals have to expect Murray to play a much better game tonight than last game. Which is even more of a reason to throw everything and anything towards the net.

How do I think this game will turn out? I really don’t know anymore this playoff year has been a whirlwind of emotions and surprises are not too hard to find this time around. The Penguins will win game four I think, but I could see this game going to overtime. The key for Pittsburgh is to slow the Capitals power play down and stay out of the box. Don’t give the Caps a chance on the power play and the opposite of that, capitalize on your own power plays. You have Malkin, Crosby, Kessel on one power play. Figure it out.

Predators vs Jets Game 4 

Jets take two from Nashville at home?????? I would actually sh*t my pants if they did and I would just give the Jets the cup after that. The Jets came from behind 3-0 to beat the Predators 7-4. Out of nowhere, one no one saw the Jets going down 3-0 and no one saw them winning 7-4 after being down like that. The key for Nashville this game though is getting on them early and stay on them early. They gave the Jets too many chances to stay in this game with back to back power plays and just bad turnovers. The Preds need to ratchet things up on their back end and neutral zone as well. They also need Pekka Rinne to come up with a save here and there. Rinne a Vezina goalie and has a ton of pressure on him especially after dropping the ball last Cup run last year. Rinne will be better this game but I don’t know how much better. We have to expect that Laine will score tonight at least once, he had 8 shots last game and is itching for a goal. The Preds need to slow down Schiefle as well. It seems like the Jets aren’t afraid to match the Predators physical presence either. The Predators need to make it a little more difficult for the Jets in the defensive zone and exiting the zone.

How do I think this game will go? Overtime is a possibility, no shot the Predators just walk in and do a few things right and make fewer mistakes means they walk away with an easy win. Winnipeg is going to make it difficult for them from start to finish. We will see a similar game from game two. Overtime is a huge possibility. I think Predators win 4-3 though.


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