Tom Wilson suspension too much or too little?

The playoffs, the time of suspensions, “headshots” and the player safety actually having to do their job! I don’t think a lot of fans and people in player safety realize when NHL players are put on this do or die stage, and it is the playoffs where every game counts. The intensity and physicality will be RAMPED up. Therefore we should expect to see more hits, more scrums after the whistle and more physicality. In the Kings vs Knights series, the Kings had I believe if I am not mistaken registered 50-60 hits give or take in one game. You never hear those numbers in regular season hockey. Anyways this suspension and hearing calls are getting out of hand now.

We have seen more suspensions in this playoffs then the regular season combined. Kidding, I think? Anywho the latest joke of a suspension was the Tom Wilson altercation. Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know about the Tom Wilson suspension. Wilson has a history of these type of incidents which is probably the main reason the ruling was three games but if you are not a snowflake NHL fan this probably should have been one game at MAX. The reason for it, Wilson threw a hit, yes, a big one and one that broke Aston┬áReese jaw and gave him a concussion. I mean for a player that is 6’0 200 pounds getting hit by a guy that is 6’4 220 pounds, sometimes the bigger may leave a bigger impact on the smaller guy. Plus Wilson if you watch the hit closely he did hit him on the shoulder and the follow through looked like he came high and hit his head, he then “left” his feet. But the reason he left his feet is that he was bracing for the hit and on impact, he hit him and naturally finished high forcing him to leave his feet.

Another bad call but the NHLPS, George Parros and Brendan Shanahan I understand you want to eliminate head contact and concussions from the game of hockey. By no means am I advocating to let stuff like this slide but if you are going to crack down here then you have to stay consistent with your calls and suspension for every player and not just the ones with a past history.


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