First Round Predictions for the NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse Championship

Diving into a sport that some of you may not know of, Lacrosse baby.

We are finally at the time of the year where the D1 Men’s Lax bracket has been established. Some great matchups early on will make some of these predictions tougher than I thought it would be..

Saturday May 12th

#1 Maryland vs. Canisus/RMU

Maryland Here. Too nasty on O, D, Goalie, and FOGO. I think RMU will beat Canisus, but lose to Maryland 12-5. #1 seed for the past 4 years. Talk about a powerhouse

#4 Duke vs. Villanova

A good game to watch but I’ll go with Duke 13-8. Duke should come out ready to go

#5 Johns Hopkins vs. Georgetown

Close game here. Hopkins coming off a massive dub against #1 Maryland, but G-Town also coming off with a massive dub against Denver. I’m going Hopkins 14-13.

#8 Syracuse vs. Cornell

Cornell won the IVY upsetting #3 Yale in an impressive fashion. If they play with the same intensity against Cuse, it’ll be close. 13-10 Syracuse.

Sunday May 13th

#3 Yale vs. UMASS

I think it’ll be a good game. I’m going with Yale 12-8.

#7 Notre Dame Vs. Denver

Could be the best game on the docket. I’m going with an upset, Denver over ND 11-10 in OT.

#2 Albany vs. Richmond

Richmond is a very good program, Albany just has too many weapons + Colarusso is a brick wall. I’m going with the Danes 14-5. Tehoka Nanticoke is an absolute monster. If you don’t watch lacrosse, watch #1 in white come Sunday.

#6 Loyola MD vs. UVA

Loyola at home should have the advantage here. Another good game. Going Loyola 14-10

Should be an exciting first round, my personal favorite North Carolina didn’t make it this year so I have to find another team to support to make it all the way. I’m going with Maryland to probably win it all. But I’ll be rooting for Albany considering I’d love to see Connor Fields grab a ring in his final year.


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