NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs: Capitals advance? Nashville force a game seven?

What is more likely to happen the Capitals winning tonight or Nashville forcing a game seven? I think the Capitals take it tonight and do not give the Penguins any breathing room or fighting chance. The Capitals have a chance to finally end this series and finally advance to the Conference Finals for the first time in forever. I don’t know what would be more heartbreaking for NHL fans though the Penguins winning tonight or the Predators losing tonight. Because if the Penguins win tonight they are winning the series, and the Predators are just so much fun to watch and now if they lose no one can go to Broadway to watch games.

Capitals finally beat Pittsburgh to advance to the Conference Finals? 

Can the Capitals advance though? As I said above, yes they can. The reason I think so, one Braden Holtby, two, they are not going to let history repeat itself and let this opportunity they have go to waste. The Capitals all series have been either better and or staying right along the Penguins every game. Every game for the Capitals has been either a one or two goal lose, and the games they have won have been 3 or more goal wins. The Capitals when scoring 3 or more goals has won every game. Therefore the key for tonight is to score early and often. Matt Murray has allowed 17 goals in 5 games thus far and in the playoffs has 2.49 goals against and .905 save percentage. Essentially what is thrown on net has a good chance to go in, so keep firing on net. The Capitals have to take advantage of Murray early get traffic and pressure early and do not give the Penguins room to breathe or move. The reason I think the Capitals can do this and am being optimistic is that they seem a little different this year and no way the Penguins can go onto beat the Capitals two games and then make it three years in a row beating the Capitals. Capitals tonight, I’m feeling it!

Can Pekka Rinne bounce back in game six for the Predators? 

This one is more difficult, can Nashville force a game seven? I mean PK Subban came out and said they will win in Winnipeg and come back to Nashville after a game five loss. Subban is channeling his inner John Tortella, which didn’t work out for Columbus and Mark Messier, but I understand the confidence Subban has. I mean Nashville has been the best team in the NHL and they have the weapons to do it. The biggest what if is Pekka Rinne here as he has been yanked in two games this series now and has been the Predators biggest thorn over the last two years now. Rinne a Vezina goalie during the regular season for some reason cannot handle the playoff atmosphere. Who knows whether it is the sea of white in Winnipeg or just the big stage, but Rinne has been a blunder for the Predators yet again. This year Rinne is posting a 6-5 record, 3.22 goals against and .898 save percentage. These numbers speak for themsleves and there have been rumors that Juuse Saros may get the nod in game six tonight but I am not sure what is more worrying if you are a Preds fan a young, cold, inexperienced goalie or a fragile goaltender in Rinne. Either way that is the only question here tonight, as the Predators have the depth upfront and back end power to get this done. It all comes down to the battle between the pipes. Connor Hellbyuck another Vezina goalie vs Pekka Rinne, can Rinne bounce back here or will he crumble under the Winnipeg madness. Game six, tonight!


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