Winnipeg can’t finish at home, Subbans gurantee comes true! Back to Nashville for game 7

Coming into this game the buzz was around PK Subban and his Mark Messier-like guarantee as he said “we are going to win in Winnipeg and come back to Nashville. Simple as that.” And as simple as that it was as the Predators beat Winnipeg 4-0 in Winnipeg and now head back to Nashville for a game seven Thursday night!

The Predators were clearly the better team here and were not walking out of Winnipeg without a win. The first started out with a goal review, after Viktor Arvidsson got demolished down low on a no call, made his way to the front for a tip-in from a Roman Josi. After review, it was 1-0 Nashville 1:02 into the game. Which would also be the game-winner. The Predators went onto score three more goals, two coming from Filip Forseberg and another on an empty-netter from Ardvisson. The two leading scorers for the Predators and the two players they needed to rely on, stepped up big time. Along with Pekka Rinne, stopping 34 of 34 shots, a HUGE game the Preds needed him to show up and he did.

Now, if you are Winnipeg you are definitely shaking in your boots, yes you have taken two games this series in Nashville but with a chance to end the series and move on, you blew it and now give the Predators the best team in the NHL room to breathe and life to live. The Predators now go back to one of the most electric places to play at, with probably the Titans O-line guzzling beers and Carrie Underwood singing the anthem, it is going to be near impossible to hear a thing in Nashville Thursday night.

This is bad news for the Jets, a team that almost defied all odds by knocking off the best team in the league, have to now go to Nashville and knock off the Predators three times in Nashville. If you are a Jets fan, you have to be worried no? I don’t know I am not a fan of either, but logically and realistically speaking the Predators without a doubt have the upper hand here, after coming off a huge game six win with a lot of momentum and energy they will only get even more from that crowd. It is going to be tough to beat the Predators three times in one series at home. The Predators during the regular season lost 13 games(overtime included) in a total of 41 home games. Last season the Predators lost two games at home between 22 games. The point we are getting at here is that the Predators will be extremely tough to beat at home, and I don’t know about you but the Jets are probably feeling a little less confident strolling into game seven now.



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