Winnipeg Jets three keys for a win in Vegas

The Jets came out guns blazing in game one, handled business and then came back for game two and it was not the result many expected in Winnipeg. Vegas adjusted their game and took game two in Winnipeg, evening the series at one apiece. The thing that Vegas does so well and has been doing it all year they adjust their style of play very well and do it very quickly. On the back of Gerard Gallant, if I may add, is hands down coach of the year. Anyways…

Winnipeg is going to be playing two tough games in Vegas for 3 and 4. They need to take one of these two games to have a solid chance of coming out of this series because perhaps Vegas takes two on home ice, and go up 3-1, with still one game to play on home ice, we could see Vegas in the cup…

Some keys for the Jets though heading to Vegas…

(1) Play physical, quick and simple. Do not give Vegas any room to move, throw the body around often and early, and make it difficult to play their style of play. Winnipeg is going to need to drop the fancy part of their game here and just chip and chase in the beginning of the game until they wear out Vegas. Winnipeg has the depth over Vegas so use it! Getting Vegas on their heels early and getting in their face this game, making it uncomfortable for them early, like they did in game one. Then the Jets will be fine. The Jets got buried on some bad mistakes in the neutral zone in game two, tightening up that part and just getting the puck is key here for game three.

(2) Mark Scheifele and Blake Wheeler need to get on the board. Not saying they haven’t but game two they both had zero points and the Jets lost. Therefore these two are key to the Jets success and you can see in game one when Wheeler has time and space he will find the hole and make an opportunity. Scheifele is the leading scorer for the playoffs and when he is on and scoring the Jets are on and likely to win. Expect these two to bounce back and play a solid game three tonight.

(3) Continue powerplay success, each game this series the Jets have scored on the powerplay and when in Vegas, the chances they get like that. They need to capitalize. Chances are going to be tough to come by so when they have the opportunity to score on the powerplay they will need to do it. The Jets powerplay through two games is 3/7, which is great for the playoffs. If they can continue this powerplay success and score early in Vegas, then they will be fine.

A look at what Vegas is saying…

Vegas is the favorite for many reasons they are home, they have been unstoppable on home ice this whole year and won game two. The open right now has it -120 Winnipeg and +120 for Vegas, which if that line stays, that is crazy. Another line has Winnipeg +120 and Vegas -140 which seems more realistic, I mean Vegas is home! The now line is -115 Winnipeg and +120 Vegas. This is subject change, based on the numbers of bets coming in for each team so monitor that. The over/under is 5.5 goals. The crazy thing though, based on other sites it is saying right now at the moment, Winnipeg is +120 to about +125 across 13 different sites while Vegas is -130 to -140 across those sites as well. This is an odd trend, Winnipeg has 81 percent bets locked on them right now while Vegas has 65 percent. The books are saying Winnipeg as the favorite here tonight, which I would not disagree with, to be honest.


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