Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup Appearance in first year: Real or Rigged?

I have heard a lot of gossip on social media, this is fixed, this is all a set up by the league, they bought their team, they were handed this team, they didn’t deserve to be here, blah blah!

Well, I have certainly thought like OK this has to be a dream how is this Vegas team in the Cup right now, something is going on. It is natural to think that but honestly, having watched this playoff series pretty closely and almost every game. The Golden Knights 1000% out played the Kings in round one, that is a not a set up, winning in 5 games. They out played the Sharks in round two, that was the closest series they had but the Golden Knights are a team we have noticed now that just does not quit. And the Conference finals, the Jets came out flying and everyone thought that was it to Vegas, but again, they have a master mind head coach, a team that is fully bought into their roles and doing whatever it takes and for game 4 and 5 the Jets looked DEAD. They beat themselves that series and handed the series to Vegas almost. The Golden Knights dominated every aspect of the game in game five it didn’t even look like the Jets wanted to play when it came to even strength play. The Jets had an inexperienced goalie that made some bad mistakes with the puck that cost them some key goals. So, all I am saying is if you are saying this is fixed or something along those lines you are just being ignorant and not appreciating one of the greatest sport stories to happen in the last 1000 years or whatever.

The Golden Knights were not handed this team either there were clear expansion draft rules and the other 30 NHL teams decided to protect who they did and not protect who they did the GM’s of other teams knew how this worked. So when Vegas got Marchessault and Neal on the draft well that was the Panthers and Predators fault, and when Fleruy landed in their hands because the Penguins did not want to protect him and handed Vegas him, Fleruy came in with a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Riley Smith was acquired in a trade, the Panthers also gave Gerard Gallant to Vegas as well, so really if we are to blame anyone for Vegas’s success blame the Panthers.

The Golden Knights have Deryk Engelland who was drafted in the sixth round, played on three NHL teams and was a nobody before this season, along with Nate Schmidt being a 6th defenseman on Washington, Lucas Sbisa being a role player, somebody in and out of the lineup his whole career, William Karlsson, we all know his story, Marchessault who was drafted and moved around several times before landing a full time spot on a roster, James Neal in the middle of his career going over here because his contract was to lucrative for Nashville, Alex Tuch a first year guy, the list goes on and on. The moral of the story is the Golden Knights were not here because of fix, gambling stint in Vegas right now, they are here because they earned it, they out worked the three teams before them and they have a coach who makes the game fun for the team, makes the players want to show up everyday and trusts his player and gives them unbeatable confidence, a goalie that is performing on another level right now while giving wet willies in the middle of games, and an offense and defense that is buying in whole hardheartedly to the systems and the instructions by the coaches and leaders to do whatever it takes to win.

The Golden Knights being here is not by accident. No one saw this coming and if you are someone who believes this is rigged, get lost, take a hike and go back to the hole you came from. Muppet.



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