Why is Lebron James getting heat for 8th NBA Finals apperance in a row?

Alright, I am the first one to knock basketball and when it comes to watching a game live on television you can find me snoring on the couch midway through the game. To me, the game is slow, there are too many fouls, the athletes lack grit and overall it is not the game for me. But growing up and watching Lebron for my entire life it has been a pleasure to watch him do what he does.

Say what you want about Lebron but he has been the face of the NBA for the last decade and has raised the bar for current and up and coming athletes. Yeah it is definitely not fun to watch the same two teams duke it out for four years straight but that is what you get when the NBA cap is about 600 billion dollars, teams load up on superstars and it just happens to be the case for Golden State and then you have a generational talent in one end who well seems to be unstoppable in big games. I am not entirely sure what the whole criticism is around Lebron and his 8th appearance in a row but can’t some recognize that we may be watching one of the greatest players of all time. You have to give credit to where it is due but Lebron doing this for 8 years in a row and only getting better with age is pretty remarkable and if you are one to disagree you may are probably really ignorant or just don’t like Lebron.

Sure Lebron does some weird stuff, his workout videos, his in-game antics, his tweets but when you are Lebron and have the power to do that stuff, yeah some will hate on it, but you think Lebron really cares what anyone of you fans is saying. He’s one of the most influential and wealthiest athletes, I’m sure a tweet about how the refs gave him the game will not bother him too much.

And the best is all the media coverage on this guy instead of showcasing his greatness they are writing stories about why Golden State is tired of facing him, Steph Curry is tired of Lebron getting all credit, etc. The reason you dislike Lebron is right here, the media they throw these headlines at you and they agree with them. Think for yourself and base your opinion on facts and what you believe, muppet Lebron haters.

Not too many people will be able to look back on and say wow we watched Lebron James play, and not many players will ever be able to do what he has done. Eight years in a row. Some of you have to drop the hate and appreciate what this guy is doing for the game and how amazing he is.

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