Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals greatest moments with the Stanley Cup

It has almost been a week since the Capitals captured their first ever Stanley Cup in the franchises 44-year existence. What many thought was impossible and what turned out to be one of the most unforgettable Stanley Cup finals matchup, ended with one of the best goal scorers of this era capturing his first ever Stanley Cup and getting the demons off his back. As many reporters have nothing to say now, well some still choose to say Ovechkin’s history of losing is not erased with this win. (Larry Brooks, peasant).

While the Stanley Cup was one of the greatest things the Capitals have done in the franchise’s history, what may be even better is the way this team has celebrated with the Stanley Cup. So sit back and take a look at some of these awesome photos of Ovechkin and his teammates just having an absolute ball with the Cup.

The night of the Stanley Cup win, Alex Ovechkin and company took the cup to a local nightclub and presented the cup on stage with Tiesto. While Alex Ovechkin raised the cup, kissing it and sharing the glory with the crowd.


Immediately following the Tiesto and night club celebration, the Capitals came off the plane with the cup in the air and Nicolas Backstrom and Ovechkin holding it in the air. Wonder why they needed two hands for this job…


Following that the Capitals made their way to another Washington sporting event. The Giants vs Nationals baseball game. The Capitals and Ovechkin threw out the first pitch of this game as well, which Ovechkin needed two tries for the first pitch. Later in the game as the crowd looked above section 202, there it was Lord Stanley and the Capitals raising the cup. Following that it was all booze and celebration for the Capitals. This Saturday afternoon was the peak of the Capitals celebration, as we will see featruing some of the best pictures.




Here we have the Capitals enjoying a Nationals game, TJ Oshie chugging Carona’s at the game, the Capitals walking around Washington casually with the Cup, then Ovechkin and teammates swimming in a D.C. fountain and drinking from the cup. Which capped a hell of a day with Ovechkin sleeping and grinning ear to ear with the Cup.


To cap it off the Capitals are enjoiying a mob of fans in the streets of Washington, as their parade is in session as we speak. But caps off to the Capitals for unforgettable 2018 Stanley Cup and memorable celebration, one for the books. I think we can all raise a beer to the Capitals and their absurdly humrous celebration antics over the last few days. Cheers Washington.



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