Trade Talk: Jeff Skinner, Justin Faulk to Chicago? Max Pacioretty on the trade block, again.

Jeff Skinner and Faulk talk

The Hurricanes go from terrible to decent and now want to go back to terrible it seems as they have set the price for 28-year-old veteran left winger Jeff Skinner and Justin Faulk. Skinner is rumored to be a first-round and prospect, while Faulk is rumored to be around the same price. The Jeff Skinner aspect is more of a draw right now due to the fact he is a 20+ goal scorer for three years in a row and Skinner is nearing the end of his contract at 5.75 AAV right now. Ending at the end of 2019 season. Faulk is up in two years at a 4.83 AAV. The two places these two have been rumored to though is the Chicago Blackhawks. Aside from these two, Noah Hanafin and Scott Darling have also been put on the trading block, essentially everyone on the Hurricanes on the block beside Sebestain Aho, it seems Rob Brind’Amour is really trying to change the culture. Not much has been said since a week ago when this rumor came out but the Blackhawks and Hurricanes are in trade talks, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pacioretty trade talk 

Max Pacioretty we saw hit the trade block at the deadline this year in the 2017-18 season but nothing happened from that trade talk. Pacioretty is at 4.5 AAV and his contract ends at the end of this season, which is the main reason the Canadiens want to move him due to the fact Pax is a 5-time 30 plus goal scorer and will be earning around 6.5 plus mil per year, and the Canadiens clearly do not want to move forward with a long-term deal. Nothing has come up about where Pax is rumored to be going but we can expect Pax to find a new home this offseason.

Islanders and Hurricanes interest in Grubauer

More trade news, the Islanders, and Hurricanes have been rumored to reach out to the Capitals about Phillip Grubauer. The Islanders clearly need help in the goaltending department after how poorly Jaroslav Halak and Tomas Greiss completely fell through and did not live up to expectations. The Islanders hold the 11 and 12 picks in this year’s draft but if they do give up a first rounder for Grubauer, they are truly desperate. The Hurricanes are only interested in Grubauer because they have also been rumored to be trading Scott Darling. Not much has moved on this talk since it came up but let’s see where this goes.

Ilya Kovalchuk watch 

Ilya Kovalchuk watch has begun, as he was seen in L.A. visiting the Kings and then heading to the San Jose Sharks to visit them. Kovalchuk wants to win and make anywhere from 5.5 to 6 million a year, therefore, a lot of teams are off the radar for Kovalchuk. The Kings have some Russians and have harbored some Russians before in the past so that could work out. The Sharks is a bit out of left field but with the news of buying out Paul Martin, they will have the money and to see what they did this offseason Kovalchuck is clearly inclined to go to a winning team like San Jose.




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