Erik Karlsson wife Melinda files restraining order against Mike Hoffman fiancee Monika

Well, if things in Ottawa could not get any worse, this story about Erik Karlsson’s wife Melinda receiving threats from Mike Hoffman’s girlfriend Monika Caryk now hit the latest buzz in Ottawa.

First, it was the turmoil with the Senators and their poor play this season, Eugene Melynk and his relationship with players and especially the whole debacle with Karlsson this season. The Senators supposedly trying to trade Karlsson and now this.

If you are to sit there and think that Karlsson and Hoffman will be back in Ottawa next year, you may be smoking that hash too much sir/mam. This is now more and more terrible news to come out of Ottawa especially circulating around Karlsson. There were rumors that Karlsson was almost sent to Vegas during the trade deadline but it never fell through.

But here is the story about Melinda Karlsson and Monika Caryk:

To a small extent here are some of the words Caryk has said to Karlsson

“Caryk has said to me numerous statements wishing unborn child dead.”

“She also uttered that she wished I was dead and that someone should take out my husbands legs to end his career.”

She has also posted 1000 negative and derogatory statements about me as a professional.”

This is only a small amount of statements made by Melinda, the worst part about it all. The team officials knew about these harassment allegations for weeks now, Karlsson’s agent said. To make the case even worse this has been going on since November 2017.

Since the news about Karlsson’s expecting a child who was later announced unborn due to losing the child during pregnancy. The support of people online was greatly appreciated by the Karlsson’s but with it came some “trolls” who accused Melinda of popping painkillers while pregnant and Karlsson fought back the trolls, who one week after deactivated their account (@sandydandy45). Trolls also hit Twitter as reported by Ottawa citizen said that “This newspaper also found other social media users coming to Melinda’s defence after Twitter user @petersonmegan51 used an anti-bullying event to insult her. That account has also since been deleted.”

2015 NHL Awards - Red CarpetHoffman has said he has no comment for this investigation as there is nothing for him to say. But later commented that there is no chance he and his fiance Monika are involved in this acquisition. More news circulating this story comes moments before the newspaper released this story, Monika had made an Instagram marked private and moments after the story the account was later deactivated. Yet, Caryk and Hoffman have denied not commented on these allegations and have said they have nothing to hide and are willing to cooperate with the investigation.

There was a restraining order filed by Melinda against Monika Caryk. Which is under investigation and will be actively handled by the courts.

Who will go Hoffman or Karlsson?

The worst part about this case is that the team officials knew about it, it comes against two of Ottawa’s best players and for sure one of them is leaving at the end of this offseason. If I had to make any assumptions it would be Karlsson that is leaving. With all that he dealt with this year and all the turmoil with Melynk and head coach Karlsson is clearly not happy in Ottawa and neither is his wife Melinda. Plus how will road trips and everything work out if Caryk and Melinda come what do they do? It will cause a ton of turmoil, stress and poor performance for sure by the two players. One has to go and I am confident that Karlsson is leaving.


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