Phil Kessel trade rumors shut down, Blackhawks willing to trade the 8th overall pick for established NHL player…

The Blackhawks continue to make a push for an established, proven NHL player. From the sights of what happened with the Blackhawks last year, a proven NHL defenseman may be what they are considering. Which from the rumor of things with Justin Faulk the Blackhawks could very well be going after Faulk and that Jeff Skinner deal. The thing is why is Chicago so willingly to move the 8th overall pick when they could possibly land Evan Bouchard, Noah Dobson or Adam Boqvist, three proven worthy and NHL ready defenseman. In my personal opinion if the Blackhawks do move their 8th overall pick it will be a huge fault on their part. The Brandon Saad- Artem Panarin trade already looks bad, don’t make it any worse now.

(Per NHL Discussion Instagram)

Phil Kessel Trade RumorsĀ 

The Pittsburgh Penguins have officially shut down any Phil Kessel trade rumors, for about three weeks people thought Kessel was actually going to leave Pittsburgh. This is why we do not speak too soon because those people that wrote articles saying, “Kessel would fit well on these teams….” now we can just laugh at them. Do not try and get ahead of the curve without knowing enough inside information. If you are not Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger or any big hockey insider do not go around trying to break the news that is not news.

^ Exhibit A of what not to do when a rumor comes out. Kessel to Colorado, think before you write.

^ Exhibit B of what not to do. Like stated, unless rumors come out about the Penguins actually actively shopping him and setting a price, do not go around and say oh the Penguins will only accept a trade for Kessel if it was x,y,z.

^ Exhibit C I hope the person who wrote this article has personal contact with Mike Sullivan to be writing these types of articles. Probably not, probably a Penguins fan page just trying to break news.



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