Oilers actively shopping Milan Lucic, after Lucic says he wants a “fresh start”, John Carlson future with Capitals,

The Edmonton Oilers and Milan Lucic are officially splitting up, as Lucic has announced he would like a fresh start and the Oilers have already mentioned trading away the 30-year-old winger. Lucic spent two seasons with Edmonton but is signed until 2022-23, at an AAV of 6 mil which means he will be owed 30 million from Edmonton if they cannot find a team to take on his whole or some of his salary. Lucic tallied 50 points in 82 games during his first year, nothing expectational but it was enough to give Lucic a full-time job in Edmonton and a role in the top six.

This season(2017-18) Lucic had one of his worst years since his rookie year in 2007-08 as he tallied 34 points and a career-low 10 goals in 82 games. Clearly, the lack of production in Lucic showed in Edmonton’s offense as they ranked 20th in the NHL with 220 goals for. The Oilers had a down year after making the playoffs and winning their first playoff series in 10 years. With the Oilers eyes set back on the playoffs clearly, they feel as if Lucic is a piece they need to move. And Lucic feels as if he has not fit well with Edmonton. The 30-year-old power forward who has made a living off being an agitator, scoring powerplay goals and being a heavy presence on the front end, shifted away from that identity this year and wants a “fresh start”. Where could Lucic land? Who knows, right now this information is somewhat fresh therefore when the wheels really get moving on this, which will be soon we will find out more teams interested in Lucic.

John Carlson free agency watch

John Carlson as we all know becomes a UFA this summer, on July 1st. What could the Capitals be looking to give him, well… After leading all defenseman with 68 points in the regular season and the playoffs with 20 points, Carlson has surely made a statement about how much he believes he deserves. He is coming off a 3.96 AAV contract and will be turning 29 in the middle of the year, this time frame is usually the age where players get signed to long-term deals especially a player like Carlson and being the #1 defenseman in Washington now at this time the Capitals or any team will be looking to sign Carlson to a long-term deal. Carlson has expressed that he wants to stay with Washington and this is his home but there is more to it than that.

Carlson will be looking to make about 7.5 mil at the least to 9 mil the most on whatever team he goes to. Washington to meet that offer is tough as they have 11 mil cap space to work with and have to resign Tom Wilson, Alex Chaisson, Devante Smith Pelley, Michael Kempny, Jay Beagle, and Madison Bowey, now clearly all these players will not be resigned but Carlson per say does receive 8 mil per year that leaves the Capitals with 3 mil to sign back 6 players while also keeping in mind that Jakub Vrana, Andre Burakovsky, and Brooks Orpik’s contract are up at the end of next season. Carlson is clearly looking to get what he deserves and will go to the team that will offer what he wants obviously keeping the Capitals in mind but it is obvious that Carlson is not going to shy away from talking to other teams if the Capitals cannot meet his desired AAV. We have about 3 weeks until July 1st so the Capitals better get off the Stanley Cup tirade and get to work on signing back Carlson… until then we wait and see what happens.



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