Max Domi for Alex Galchenyuk: Who got the better end?

Alex Galchenyuk for Max Domi…

If you’re Alex Galchenyuk you have to be extremely happy but disappointed at the same time. As many knew Galchenyuk never really enjoyed Montreal too much nor did they like Galcheyuk. After experiencing some slow production and not “living” up to what Montreal management expected him to be. Galchenyuk dealt with some bottom six, to top six to being moved around all year for two years straight. He was definitely at his wits end with the team and this was an overdue trade for Montreal. Galchenyuk was drafted in the first round, third overall in 2012, after scoring 20 goals his third year to 30 goals his fourth year, Galchenyuk has yet to crack 20 goals again since then. Despite only scoring 19 goals he did tally 51 points in 82 games making him the second top point scorer on Montreal last season. Galchenyuk was rumored to be moved a while back during the last offseason but the Canadiens set the bar way too high for the first rounder, therefore he was stuck in Montreal again.

After an unsuccessful season from Montreal and some minor management issues, the Canadiens have clearly decided to part ways with the young and speedy center. The Canadiens in exchange pick up another former first-round pick, Max Domi. Domi was drafted a year after Galchenyuk and has spent the last three season in Arizona. Domi’s first season was his best yet tallying 18 goals and 52 points in 81 games, while his last two seasons he has combined for 18 goals total and 83 points. Domi was drafted 12th overall and when the Coyotes received Anthony Ducalir around the time Domi was coming into the league, many thought these two would make for a perfect duo. Unfortunately, it fell through the crack and both Duclair and Domi have been shipped out of the desert. Domi has certainly not played to his potential, looking at his 93 and 102 point seasons in the OHL and 10 points in 7 games at the World Junior stage, Domi has been mediocre at the NHL level.

Words from Marc Bergevin

Marc Bergevin recently sat down with the media after the trade and went through a few preliminary questions. Bergevin spoke high praises for Domi saying he has a lot of untapped potential and he thinks that coming to Montreal and being apart of a hockey market can surely spark Domi’s career upward. He also commented on Domi’s spot in the lineup saying he knows Domi is a winger and a better winger at best, but he could play center if they are jammed and need him too.

(Reporting from Montreal Gazzatte)

Who won the trade? 

Domi has been in the league for three seasons now tallying 135 points in 266 games with 99 assists and 36 goals. While Galchenyuk has been in the league for 6 seasons playing three full years. In 225 games Galchenyk has scored 66 goals, 85 assists, and 151 points (three most recent years). The two are clearly very similar in numbers and it is obvious Galchenyuk is a better pure goal scorer. Domi brings a certain edge to the line up he plays intense, quick and physical. Often getting under the skin of other players while possessing the speed and skill set to beat defenders down low. Galchenyuk does not play as physical, or in your face but Gally is a smart, dynamic goal scorer that can play either the center or left wing position really well. Overall they both are solid players with similar skill sets. In the end the situation Gally is going into is much better, with Dylan Strome, Derek Stepan, Clayton Keller, Christian Dvorak, Oliver Ekman-Larsson the Coyotes are giving Gally an automatic top six spot and with no Claude Julien and Marc Bergevin breathing down his neck Gallchenyuk may be able to let loose and play the type of game he knows to play. Getting the veteran supervision of some key guys in Arizona this may be perfect for Gally. The positive though is that Domi will also be thrown into a top-six role, and surrounded by the fanatics of Montreal may be what Domi needs. Being in a hockey market is what Domi wanted and now he got it, so we’ll see how it works out. The win for Montreal is that they save 1.75 million in cap space as Domi was signed for 2 years at 3.15 AAV and Gally is still at 2 years for 4.9 mil AAV. Either way, you look at it, it is a hockey trade, but my personal opinion I’d rather have Gallchenyuk than Domi.


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