Pierre Dorion still looking to move Erik Karlsson and Zack Smith as rebuild hits full stride

Mike Hoffman deal breakdown

After the Mike Hoffman trade, we thought this was the end of bad deals in Ottawa, but it seems that is not so. To address how bad the Hoffman deal was the Senators at the end of it all received Mikkel Boedker, the 29-year-old who has had one 50 point year and will be receiving 4 mil over the next 2 years. Julius Bergman, a 22-year-old second round draft pick who has spent the last 3 years with San Jose Barracuda(AHL) tallying 61 points in 189 games. Bergman a 6’1 defenseman has yet to touch NHL ice time, some would say he is about a B to C level prospect. Lastly they also received a 2020 6th round pick. Not to mention at the deadline the Senators were rumored to be able to receive a top-level prospect and a 1st round pick for Hoffman. To add salt to the wound, Pierre Dorion made it clear he did not want Hoffman in the Atlantic division, clearly, San Jose said the hell with that because now Hoffman is with Florida who also plays out of the Atlantic division.

Karlsson and Smith on the move?

Going off that terrible trade, the Senators came out moments after the Hoffman trade and said they are still shopping Erik Karlsson and Zack Smith. Karlsson, well we all know him a 2-time Norris trophy winner, leading all active defenseman in points, has tallied six 45 plus assists years and six 60 plus point seasons plus being one of the best offensive defensemen in the league has now hit the market. Zack Smith is no slump though, being a bottom six style player, Smith would work well on any NHL teams roster in the bottom six possibly even filling a vacant spot within the top six. Smith plays a grinder style game but can definitely add value to a roster. Karlsson and Smith have been rumored to be leaving Ottawa, the Hoffman trade happened so unexpectedly, well there was no rumors or leak, it just happened. Therefore we can expect this to be the case for Karlsson and Smith. If a deal were to get done the Senators would be losing Karlsson, Smith and Hoffman all within a week.


Karlsson leaving seems so unlikely but at this point, we never know what is unlikely and not unlikely. Smith leaving Ottawa we can imagine. Smith will not cost as much for other NHL teams, so there is no breaking bank on the 30-year-old forward. But Karlsson will cost a good chunk of money, prospects and NHL player(s). An ideal situation for Ottawa right now as they two first-round picks, no second or third and not a first next year, would be to load up draft picks and get some NHL ready prospects while clearing a ton of cap space. With Karlsson leaving it would free up 6.5 mil, and Smith would free up 9.75 million. Smith is at 3.25 AAV which is going to be the toughest thing for teams to bite on so Ottawa will have to retain some of that salary. But in the end, if Smith and Karlsson do leave, Ottawa will have around 26-28 mil in cap space, a ton of picks and their current draft picks(2018) in the making. We could also see a possible draft day deal be done for Karlsson where a team like Vegas, Toronto or some other team will trade their first overall pick and more for Karlsson.

Either way, you look at it, the Senators have been robbed already with the Hoffman trade and it will only get worse and look worse letting one of the best defensemen in the NHL leave. If you are a Senators fan, it’s ok it only gets better from here, I guess?


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