Where Paul Stastny may land come July 1st, Ryan O’Reilly seeing interest from numerous teams

Paul Stastny was sent to Winnipeg during the trade deadline, where he spent 19 games recording 13 points, but during the 2017-18 season, Statnsy recorded 53 points in 82 games. Even as Stastny has reached his mid-thirties he is still a very reliable number two center among most NHL teams and after spending the last 3.5 years in St. Louis and playing in two playoff rounds with Winnipeg. Statsny may be returning to the team that drafted him back in 2005. It has been rumored that Colorado is the destination for Statsny. With Colorado’s 22 mil in cap space and Statsny’s projected 6.5-7 mil contract, the Avalanche would be able to afford him. But the other teams interested like Montreal(14 mil cap space), Winnipeg(20 mil cap space) and St. Louis(12 mil cap space) do not appeal to Statsny as much as Colorado does. Colorado is a familiar home for Statsny,  and he knows he has a top two role in Colorado. I think we see Statsny return to Colorado and play it out there, he will be put in a great situation to be a veteran face for a young team, earn a solid amount AAV wise as well as still be of contribution on the top six and help this Colorado team out.

O’Reilly out in Buffalo? 

Some other shocking news is that Ryan O’Reilly has gained some serious interest from the Blues, Hurricanes, and Canadiens. It is clear the Blues and Canadiens need a center(stated above their desire in Statsny). Anyways Ryan O’Reilly did come out later in the year and say how he was unhappy in Buffalo and was not enjoying the game because they were doing so poorly. O’Reilly has spent the last three years in Buffalo after coming over from Colorado in 2015, where he spent 6 years with the Avalanche who drafted him in 2009. O’Reilly despite not “enjoying” the game tallied 61 points in 82 games this season with 37 assists and 24 goals. O’Reilly has been a CONSISTENT 55 plus point player since the 2011-12 season, proving to be a sure top two center on any NHL roster. The tricky part for teams interested in O’Reilly is that one it will cost a 2nd round pick or 1st, an NHL ready player and a prospect, along with the fact O’Reilly still has 5 years at 7.5 mil left on his contract. Therefore a team will for sure have to eat at least half or more of that contract. O’Reilly is a solid center that can play on any top line with any two people lined up next to him, his better fit would probably be in Carolina or St. Louis. The situation is not great in Montreal right now, this news is still new, so well wait and see what comes out on the 27-year-old established center.


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