NEWS NEWS NEWS: Neal, Perron to not re-sign with Vegas, Nash wants back in Columbus, Tavares top suitors, Orpik bought out? Carlson gets PAID

Holy news, totally not a clickbaity title right? Anyways there has been a lot to transpire over the last 24 hours. Let’s get right into it.

Tavares top 5 teamsĀ 

John Tavares said he will be using this time to talk to other teams. Of those teams, he has narrowed it down to five teams that he could possibly sign with in the next week or so. Tavares has eliminated Montreal and Vegas. Honestly, thank god. I don’t think we would have been able to deal with Montreal fans throwing this in our face, or ruining Tavares career he does not deserve that and Vegas would have been contenders again, that would have been fun. As of now, Tavares has the Islanders, Maple Leafs, Sharks, Stars and Bruins as his top teams to sign with. I still think Tavares re-signs with the Islanders. He only used this period to see what other teams had to offer, and what teams would, in fact, offer him a deal. Well, now he has five teams and we all can sit here and make assumptions and articles like “Why Tavares will sign with ___ ” or “The best fit for Tavares is ____ “. You don’t know what his best fit is or where he is going please stop.

James Neal and David Perron out in Vegas?

James Neal and David Perron have not initially ruled out Vegas but they said they are intending to re-sign with the Golden Knights. Neal recorded 25 goals and 44 points in 71 games for the Golden Knights and 11 points in 20 playoff games, while Perron is coming off his best year in his career with 50 assists and 66 points in 70 games and 9 points in 15 playoff games. If the Golden Knights were to not resign the two they would be losing one of their top 3 forwards, a top 6 forward and a combined 104 points. Where the two will end up, we will hear more on. This does not mean they won’t return but like most free agents and middle-aged players, they are looking for the team that will offer them the highest contract offer as well as a team that they will be making a top 6 contribution too. Plus Vegas probably has yet to offer them contracts because they are waiting on these big free agents like Tavares and others to make a move so then they can move forward and make an offer. These two are not completely ruled out but it seems they may not be with Vegas again next season.

Rick Nash wants back in Columbus…

Rick Nash wants back in Columbus? The 34-year-old winger who has spent the majority of his career in Columbus and New York before being shipped to Boston at the trade deadline will not be returning to Boston and with that, he has looked elsewhere. During his 11 games with Boston he scored 6 points and during the 2017-18 season, he combined for 34 points in 71 games. In the playoffs he tallied 5 points in 12 games. Nash is coming off one of the worst years of his career and being a middle-aged winger in a game that is changing it may not be so easy to find himself a top-six role anymore.

Well, it seems as if Nash wants to make a return back to Columbus, I am assuming it is to play out his last few years with the team that drafted him and where he was the most successful in his career. Nash was drafted by Columbus in 2002 first round first overall. Spending 9 years in Columbus until he came over to the Rangers in 2012. Nash tallied 547 points in 647 games with Columbus scoring 289 goals and 258 assists, Nash was by far living his glory days in Columbus. Coming to New York and spending 6 years with the Blueshirts, Nash had one 60 plus point and 30 plus goal season in New York compared to his seven 30 plus goal years in Columbus. Nash recorded 252 points in 375 games (145 G, 107 A) in New York. During his career, he has tallied 805 points in 1060 games(437 G, 368 A).

The 34-year-old is eyeing retirement and clearly wants to go back to the team and city that he spent some of his best years in. Until further notice, right now Boston is out on Nash and Nash wants back in Columbus, not much has been said from Columbus end.

Orpik out in Colorado and John Carlson re-signed in Washington…

Brooks Orpik has been bought out by the Avalanche. After getting traded over to the Avalanche just a few days ago the 37-year-old defenseman has a wide open door of what he could do now. As many teams could use his veteran presence on the blue line. What this means for the Avalanche is that they will lose 2.5 mils in cap space this season and 1.1 mils in cap space next season. The Avalanche just opened the door for the Capitals to bring back their Stanley Cup-winning defenseman. As Washington finalized a deal with Carlson for 8-years worth an AAV of 8 million a year a cap hit of $64 million and $28 million coming in signing bonuses. The only piece the Capitals have lost so far is their head coach. Bringing back a veteran defenseman like Orpik could be huge for this team to get things back together in the locker room without the presence of Barry Trotz.


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