Noteable Forward Free Agents: Yakupov, Smith-Pelly, Reider, Duclair

Tobias Reider: Reider was sent over to L.A. during the deadline from Arizona. Spending 3.5 years with Arizona before being sent to L.A., Reider posted 92 points in 234 games (43G, 49A) and in 20 games with LA he posted 6 points (4G, 2A). Reider is 25-years-old his best year being in 2016-17 posting 37 points in 82 games. Reider was drafted in 2011 in the 4th round by Edmonton. Reider is a bottom six forward that can be of service to many teams, the thing with Reider is also his services are cheap as he could be a 1 to 1.5 million AAV.

Anthony Duclair: The 22-year-old, 3rd round draft pick is set to free agency very soon. Duclair spent one season in New York after being sent over to Arizona in 2015 where he spent three seasons until he was sent to Chicago at the deadline this season. Duclair has played in 213 games scoring 37 goals and 52 assists. Duclair is a very young, speedy left winger that can be used on any team, for the sole reason that he is extremely young and has a ton of upside. Duclair has received some interest from the Penguins. Until free agency hits, Duclair will probably be receiving many calls from many teams around the league.

Nail Yakupov: Again we see the 24-year-old on the move. Yakupov the 1st round 1st overall pick is on the move again as free agency is set to begin soon. Yakupov spent four seasons in Edmonton playing 252 games with 111 points (50G, 61A). Being sent to St. Louis which he failed only playing in 40 games tallying 9 points. Spending his most recent season in Colorado getting off to an extremely hot start, to eventually cool down dramatically only tallying 16 points in 58 games. Yakupov is 24, with the 1st overall pressure still hanging over his head. Yakupov has said to be getting interest from Nashville but until we hear more Yakupov will be on the hunt for a new team yet again.

Devante Smith-Pelly: Smith Pelly is coming off a Stanley Cup win, scoring some clutch goals during the Capitals Stanley Cup run. Smith Pelly is a solid bottom-six forward that can be a very good fourth liner, and a borderline third liner. Smith Pelly has been all over the league, only being 26-year-old and being on four different teams tells us a lot about Smith Pelly. He is a journeyman, to say the least. Smith Pelly spending 4 years in Anaheim, 2 in Montreal, 2 in New Jersey and the 75 games in Washington and winning a cup. Smith Pelly is an experienced winger at just 26 years old. If he does not end back in Washington, he will land a spot somewhere in the NHL as he has proved his worth in the league now winning a cup and performing in the playoffs.


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