Are these Fantasy Football QB’s worth the bargain?

Alex Smith: Smith spent his last five years in Kansas City and was never much of a glamour and glit QB, he was a simple, get the job done, white collar QB. Smith had the best year of his career last season and now has been sent to Washington to hopefully revive this Redskins passing game and offense. Smith ranked 8th among QBs in passing yards with 4,042, 9th in touchdown passes(26), and first in QB rating with a 104.7. Therefore with these numbers Smith will have a lot of questions to answer, will and can he come to Washington and produce these same numbers and make this Washington team contenders? Probably not, but I still think Smith is worthy of a QB 1 spot on fantasy rosters, I’d say if you feel comfortable drafting solid RB’s and WR’s and having a questionable QB, go for it. I think Smith is bound for around 270 plus fantasy points.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Can this guy really lead the 49ers back into contention and to the playoffs? Jimmy G was a late hero last season and opened the eyes of many NFL fans and fantasy owners. Therefore the conversation we all know coming into this fantasy season is Jimmy G worth the bargain to go after and start at your QB 1 position. The situation in San Fran is not great but they do have Pierre Garcon, Marquis Godwin, Greg Kittle and Jerrick McKinnon, they have a few pieces to work with and what we say from Jimmy G for the last six games last season it’s evident he can manage with these players. In those six games Garoppolo’s numbers were as follows, 96.2 QB rating, 1,560 passing yards, 260 yards per game, 67.4 completion percentage, 7 TD’s and 5 interceptions. I’d say go for it, draft Jimmy G and run with him!

Matt Stafford Fantasy football newsMatt Stafford: Stafford being one of the highest, if not highest paid QB in the NFL comes with some expectations, no? I mean the guy should be a top 5 QB year in and year out if he is getting paid 135 million dollars over five years, sheesh. Stafford is a solid QB no doubt about it but he could be a little better for what he is worth. He always shows his spots of positivity, but at times he does things that make you scratch your head and say what the actual hell? Detroit has been a consistent team in that NFC North but with the talent in that division it is not too hard to be good. Stafford’s numbers last season were as follows, 99.3 QB rating, 65.7 completion rating, 4,446 passing yards, 277.9 passing yards per game, 29 TD and 10 INT, Stafford had one of his better years last season. I think with the value Stafford comes in at you can for sure snag him at a good price and start him all season he’ll be a consistent 16-19 points a game, with the occasional break out game or two.

Jamesis Winston: What is the deal with this guy? Tampa Bay fell flat on their face last year and had an extremely disappointing season and a lot of that can be due to Winston not exactly having an amazing year, decent but not playoff worthy. Winston’s numbers last year were as follows, 92.2 QB rating, 3,504 passing yards, 63.8 completion percentage, 19 TD’s and 11 INT. Winston has the tools in Tampa Bay to have a successful offense, Desean Jackson can still fly, Mike Evan is a top 10 wide receiver, Cameron Brate is not a terrible tight end, Adam Humphries sure is not an amazing wide receiver but he can get the job done and a decent running back option with Jacquizz Rodgers and Charles Sims. To me the Buccaneers have the ability to get the job done but playing in one of the toughest divisions in the league is tough and a lot of pressure on Winston when he has Brees, Newton, and Ryan to compete with. Winston is iffy at best, I personally would not go after him until he has a few games under his belt, wait on him for sure.

Andrew Luck Fantasy football newsAndrew Luck: What the hell do you do with this guy? Cause when he is healthy he is good! Or you make the mistake I made last year and drafted him late thinking he was going to be a steal, but did not play a single down last year. Luck is coming off a bad shoulder injury but right now the reports say he is going to be ready for week one. He has played in the preseason and has been feeling and looking good.

As reported by Michael Silver Andrew Luck said after his preseason game vs Seattle “I think I took a little pressure off of myself,” Luck said. “It’s a preseason game — I’m not gonna blow anything out of proportion. But it was still a game, and another step along the way.”

Luck is coming into action for the first time in 585 days, sure you can have your concerns and Luck will fall off the draft board but, if you do have the guts to go after this guy, do it. I would probably have a solid back up option just to be safe but that is the gamble you run. Luck has a few weapons and one of the quickest wide receivers in the league TY Hilton at his disposal plus two solid tight ends in Eric Ebron and James Doyle, two young and hopeful wide receivers in Ryan Grant and Deon Cain(rookie out of Clemson). Luck has the ability to be a top QB in the league if he can stay healthy I’d go after Luck.


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