NHL predictions: McDavid go for another 100 plus points, Giroux for another 30 goal season, and more!

Connor McDavid 2018-19 predicitions
McDavid bound for his third 100 point season in 3.5 years?

Is Connor McDavid going to go back to back to back 100 plus point seasons? McDavid tallied 100 points in 2016-17, last season he topped the leaderboards with 108 points and now for his fourth year, third full year in the NHL, can McDavid go for 100 plus points? With where McDavid is coming from in Edmonton the situation may not be great but it was not great last season and not much has changed on the Oilers side of things. McDavid scoring 100 plus points is an easy thing to imagine, I mean he went from 31 to 40 goals scoring just 5 power play goals last season and he only had 20 power play points of his 108 points. His power play numbers will only increase as he becomes more selfish, if you notice on the powerplay he always looks to be the set up man, once he chooses to be the scorer we could see upwards of 30 power play points. McDavid was T-62 for power play points last year, yet 1st in points… sheesh. I think it is fair to say McDavid will go for another 100 point season, maybe not upwards of 108 but around 102, or so.

Claude Giroux for another 100 point year? Giroux had a monumental bounce back season and one that propelled the Flyers into the playoffs. Giroux came into the 17-18 season off a 58 point and 14 goal year, anything was going to be better than that year. Giroux sure showed his 16-17 season the way out quickly. 2016-17 was Giroux’s lowest point total in his career since 2009-10(his first full year in the NHL). For Giroux to come back and tally 102 points from 58 points is amazing, a 44 point increase in one year is unheard of. To go from 14 goals to 34 goals, 20 more goals in the same amount of games. Giroux surely had himself a year to remember, but can he do it again? I don’t think Giroux tallies 102 points and 34 goals, perhaps, 89-90 points and 28-30 goals.

Taylor Hall predicitons for 2018-19 seasonTaylor Hall going for 100 points this year? The Hart Trophy winner, had an unforgettable regular season and led the Devils into the playoffs for the first time in five years. Hall brought a breathe of fresh air to this New Jersey team and proved to be the most valuable player in the NHL for sure. Hall played in 76 games last season scoring 39 goals, along with 54 assists for 93 points. A lot of eyes will be on the MVP once again coming into the 18-19 year, and even worse Devils fans will be expecting Hall to do it once again and even better! The Devils have not done much this offseason, therefore it seems like Hall will be with Nico Hischier and Jesper Bratt as of now, so a lot hangs on those guys to continue their production as well. I don’t think we see Hall go for 100 points, maybe 85 points next year but 100 is a stretch.

Matt Barzal upwards of 85 points? This is going to be a tough one, without John Tavares Barzal will have all eyes and defensive one pairings on his tail next year. As elusive and shifty as he is, it is going to be difficult to move away from the opponents top players for 20+ minutes a game and be productive at it. Barzal had an unbelievable 85 point, record breaking rookie season. The positive is that, this will be the GUY for the Islanders, one man advantage, 5 on 3, even strength, in all facets of the game Barzal will be the guy. To say he cannot tally upwards of 85 points is just poor analysis, we have seen top players in the NHL have successful season with not many great player around them. Although Barzal does still have Josh Baily, Andrew Ladd, Anthony Beauvillier, Josh Ho-Sang, Brock Nelson, Anders Lee, let’s not forget about these guys too, so he may not get all the attention. I’d go 80+ for Barzal next season.

William Karlsson upwards of 40 goals next season? To be quite honest, no chance! Karlsson sure had a great year, but two years in a row for 40 goals is tough, especially when his only bench mark before this season was 6 goals, something was a little fishy with his production last year. Overall a very good player when used correctly but for another 40 goal and 75 point season is tough. Karlsson only shot 184 times last year and scored 43 times, shooting at a 23.4 percentage is unheard of nowadays. If he shoots upwards of 20 percent next year, I’ll quit writing. I see a 28-30 goal season out of Karlsson next year.

Patrik Laine or Auston Matthews, who scores more goals? I am going with Laine, Matthews may have his production reduced a little next season. With Tavares in Toronto now, Matthews won’t have all the spotlight, but still, Matthews is good for a 30 plus goal season, I just think this is the year Winnipeg strings it together and Laine wins the Rocket. Very close last year missed by 5 goals to Ovechkin who shot 110 plus more times than Laine. If you think Laine shots a lot already wait until next year, we can expect upwards of 270 shots and a rocket trophy.


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