Fantasy Hockey draft day advice for the 2018-19 season

For those that are new here and have not checked out my Fantasy Hockey draft day advice article from last year. Here it is Fantasy Hockey: Draft Day Advice

To start we will going over important aspects to be mindful of when entering a draft. The keys to make your team a well balanced and productive all year. Think about what went wrong last year? What did you do wrong last draft? I know for me I fixate on scoring and defense a little too much and always forget about, hits, PIMS, plus/minus and goaltending, but I won my fantasy hockey league last year, so….. NOTTTT A BIGGGGG DEALLLLLL. Anyways here are some important things to remember heading into this years draft.

  1. You need a number one, think about it. Every NHL team, successful that is, has a number one guy. Therefore secure a number one goal scorer right off the bat. During the first round depending on the league size, picks 1-12 will have a ton of players available. You want your first pick to do it all in a sense, a productive player on the power play, someone who will score goals, get assists, essentially a first liner who is eating up 20+ minutes.
  2. For me, I suggest looking at goaltenders this time around, usually if you are in a keeper league than definitely get a goalie in round two if not you can wait probably but I would start keeping an eye on solid number one goaltenders. If you want to go a different route, look at a number one defenseman, or another top forward.
  3. Get a goaltender before it is too late. Without good goaltending you will be on the waiver wire scrambling, making trades or hoping someone gets hurt so you can pick up the back up. Solid goaltending is crucial in fantasy hockey it makes up usually 4-5 categories(W, GAA, SV %, SO, SV) if you can win 2-3 of those categories and split the offensive categories that’s a win.
  4. Let’s start stringing together some solid defenseman, once you get a good goalie and 2 solid forwards, start looking at a number one, two d-man. Someone who plays the power play, is in the top four and can give you a solid 45-55 points a year.
  5. From that point one, start stringing together goal scorers, play makers, penalty minute/hit guys, plus/minus guy, just add tools all across the board.

Goals: This a fundamental aspect of fantasy hockey of course but I don’t think you need as many goal scorers as you think. If you have goal scorers that are just goal scorers, sure you win 1 category but what about the other 8-9? Don’t get so fixated on having the best goal scoring team, sure it is great but it is not everything.

Assists: I think this is very good category to have, while goal scoring is much like the same thing, if this player is racking up assists he is usually doing something right and you can count on this guy for solid production throughout the year. A trait you can find in all players as well it is not hard to find good play makers like it is to find goal scorers. Having 2-3 solid play makers vs one goal scorer is big.

Hits/PIMS: You need at least 1 preferably two of these guys on your team. It seems like a wasteful category but winning PIMS or hits can win you the week. These are usually the guys you are more careful with in the line up unless you can find a solid top four, or top six forward who tallies a good amount of hits, just get one guy who all they do is hit(Matt Martin) or Josh Manson is someone who plays a decent amount tallies 30 points and is a good player to have for hits and PIMS.

Powerplay specialists: Guys that all they do is rack in power play points are usually eh guys that are helpful here, no? It would be smart to check out the top power plays from last year and check out the players on those power play one. For example top 10 power plays last year were, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Tampa, Boston, Winnipeg, Islanders, Capitals, Avalanche, Vancouver, New Jersey. Therefore it may be in best interest to get look at their power plays, also don’t forget about power play two guys as well.

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