Fantasy Hockey Draft Tips for beginners

I am confident this article may be useful to those that come across it, it has been some time now that I have been out of the fantasy hockey space, about 2-weeks, feels like a lifetime in the hockey writing sphere. Anyways, some of the most common mistakes I see during fantasy drafts and also hear about from friends teams and what not will be discussed in this article.

Save yourself the pain and agony later in the season, be smart and check out the tips below.

  1. Just cause Wayne Simmonds is your favorite player does not mean you have to draft him, Simmonds is an example but this is true for any player. So many times players see their “favorite” player on the board but won’t be drafting for another 10 picks and after that you have to wait another 5 picks, so you get nervous, anxious and afraid the Wayne Train will be gone, therefore you stretch on Simmonds way to early and you just let a much more consistent and better player go. Your favorite player does not need to be on your team! Pick the players that are the best and will benefit the team, even if it is Phil Kessel on the Penguins. Got it? Good. Don’t be a homer and draft up on guys cause you “like” them.
  2. Think ahead, your first round went well, second round went well, third is getting harder and now fourth on is here and you are done for, because you just always pick the next top five guys on the board. You don’t but into consideration who is going to be your 5th, 6th, 7th round pick, so when it gets there you are using a minute and a half to choose and make a impulse choice. Think ahead start scouting out the next round, the next 3 rounds, etc. Put guys you want in your que and let the fun begin.
  3. Just cause they had a good year last year does not mean they will do it again, if you see a guy who broke out for 30+ plus points better then his last year, that does not mean he will do it again. Be cautious of those guys, you know the consistent point scorers, the top guys, so do not go out and gamble on per say William Karlsson because he had an unbelievable year, let the draft do it’s thing and let the cards fall into place. Be wary of those break out guys.
  4. Did you forget about defenseman? You probably did, you got so caught up in the forward, goal scoring wave of the draft your best d-man is Darnell Nurse right now. You have to pick and choose your spots with defenseman, there are a ton out there that are expandable. Be sure to take a solid top-2 defenseman in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  5. Bottom six guys can be useful, just because they do not play top six minutes does not mean you cannot draft them. I am not saying go ahead and stretch on Derek Brassard but he is going to be a solid asset, guys of this nature will be a good bargain for the price you get them.
  6. Check teams power plays, special teams, top six lines, etc, do your research before the draft.

That’s all I have for now, but be on the look out later today for more information on top-30 centers and right wingers this 2018-19 Fantasy Hockey year. Until next time people!


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