WHY I created this sports website!

This is well over due probably, I have been devoting the last 14 months to this website and did not fully explain why. I have published around 608 articles and not one of them was telling you the people my reasoning for this website. I feel this is necessary to do so and I hope you enjoy the story!

As you know, social media is growing, newspaper is on the way out, cable television is on the way out, a lot of news and sports media is either online, meaning podcasts, sports websites, or subscription based offerings(i.e NFL network, NHL.Tv, etc.). If you keep up with sports the way you get news is either through a sports website, podcasts or online video. Simple as that, no one really turns on ESPN anymore to see what’s happening in the news. Cellphones and the internet has allowed everyone to be a reporter, breaking news is no longer breaking news. A player gets hurt it is known across the world in 30 seconds.

With that said, heading into my senior year I was a journalism student set on being a newspaper writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philly News, or any major newspaper outlet out there. Before all that though I started my writing online, I wrote for four different websites before starting this one. I was turned onto sports writing from a professor(s) of mine at Rider University Charles Bausman and Aaron Moore. These two professors impacted my college career profoundly. I was turned to Professor Bausman by Professor Moore and taking Bausman’s Live Sports Reporting class is ultimately what pushed me into actually believing I can create a website. I remember during his class though when two public speakers who worked/ran sports websites came and spoke to us. I am blanking on the names of them but I kept one of the businesses cards I was given for two years until I finally cleaned out my wallet and decided to move on from the card. Those two public speakers and that business card was a reminder to what this website stood for.

I got into sports writing because well I loved sports, I grew up playing every sport, watching baseball, football, hockey and a little basketball but as I got older my love for hockey and football really started to increase. I found my first writing “job” covering baseball though, I was the sports writer for Rider News covering the baseball team I eventually jumped into the online side of it writing for realsport101.com for a year then Fan sided for 1.5 years and CoverTheSpread.com for 6 months. Each time I wrote, I had to report to an editor, and if the editor did not like the article I pitched that day it would get turned down. I had many articles turned away because it was not “trending news” or a “popular” topic therefore it would be a waste of cyberspace. I would wake up at 6AM during the week, workout, check the sports news, come home, eat and before heading to my 10:20AM class I would have to get an article in before the class. I did this for 6 months and throughout those months some articles got turned down some articles did not. But I always remember getting into a little back and forth with the editor looking for an explanation as to why this content was not good. I finally decided enough with this crap. I am branching off and doing my own thing.

For four months, I wrote for a free domain publishing articles to basically no one but I loved it. It was my own voice, my own content and nothing was not trendy enough to be published. It was my own voice, my own opinion, my own take and spins on things and none of it was edited to sound “politically correct”, you’ll learn working for an editor sometimes when you submit an article and go to read it live it sounds different than what you had. That is what ticked me off the most, therefore I created this. I did this for myself at the beginning because I wanted to write articles I wanted to hear and articles I enjoyed writing about. No body was saying cover x,y and z and make it “POP”. This site has been live for about 1 year and 2 months, I’ve spent $200 to keep the domain running and around another $25 for advertisements and other promotional stuff. I’ve “earned” around $10 through this whole process. As you can tell, I’ve taken a hit, at 22, I could use this money elsewhere. But the moment I created this website it was never to be internet famous, it was never to be “trending” it was never to be a “hit” and it wasn’t created with the intentions of earning a lot of any money. I did this to create a space so myself and anybody as else who wants to write freely, can. Whatever it is someone loves and enjoys writing about I wanted to give them a platform to do so with no charge, no editor, no deadlines and no hassle. Just a fun, foot in the door type of website for writers all across the world who are looking to get into sports media can have a way to gain some experience and find out if this is their niche.

Sure, this website does not attract 100,000 viewers a week or month, sure it does not attract a million people but the 1,000+ people it does attract to and reach is who I write for. The people when I go home, or friends I played hockey with say “I love your articles man. Keep it up.” That is what matters most to me. This website was created because I love sports, I love writing about the NHL and NFL and I don’t want some know it all editor telling me “no because it isn’t trending or popular enough. We can’t run it.”

Sports journalism and writing is not my career path anymore, I have certainly found a new avenue in life an I thoroughly enjoy what I am doing and the road I am heading down. I have a clear vision of what I want to do and it does not involve sports writing per say for a living but this website will be here and I will always be writing on it because I love it and you all should do something you thoroughly enjoy even if it isn’t making you the most money.

This is why Live In The Stands is here today. I hope you continue to follow along the journey!


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