Mark Borowiecki suspended 3 games for illegal check on Vegas Cody Eakin

………And the NHL has gone full on soft as baby sh*t mode. I mean seriously, another suspension for a hit? Sure, Mark Borowiecki may have hit Cody Eakin a little hard but if you listen to the video released on why Borowiecki got hit, it is actually mind blowing how they came up with this suspension.

Mark Borowiecki suspended 3-games (click for video)

If you have not seen the play, check it out and tell me that is worthy of a 3-game suspension. The play started like this, Ottawa had the puck down low, the winger went high to cycle it down low, the pass got broken up and on the stick of Cody Eakin. During this time Borowiecki was pinching in for a pass in the high slot once he saw the puck change hands, he continued his momentum forward and went to hit Eakin. Eakin was looking down at the puck, and was slumped forward as Borowiecki came in for the hit. Ok, now yes Borowiecki could of hit him on the shoulder but I don’t think Borowiecki is all to blame here. Eakin had his head down coming out of the zone, lunged forward and was not aware of his surroundings. I believe the game misconduct was enough here but I guess I see the disciplinary¬† because this was Borowiecki’s first game back from his first suspension this season and he did this.

John Tortorella comments about state of NHL

I see both sides of this no suspension and suspend him but I don’t know, it just seems like the NHL is really trying to push hitting out of the game and make it a big hug fest as John Tortorella said. Speaking of that, I believe Torts is 100% right with what he said, there is no hate, fear, intimidation in the game anymore, sure there is a line and you should not cross that line but guys talking in between whistles and laughing at each other and smiling. Sounds like basketball to me, it just seems that the NHL is trying to really just make the game one big offensive power house where it is all toe drags, highlight reel goals and eliminating all the hits and physicality from the game.


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