NFL News: What the F*ck is Jon Gruden doing as rookie QB Nick Mullens shreds Oaklands defense in NFL debut

Who the f*ck is Nick Mullens and why is Jon Gruden still on the sideline for Oakland right now? This was probably one of the worst Thursday night games in recent memory. The only excitement and reason anyone watched this game tonight was probably because (A) they are die hard Oakland or 49ers fans, (B) Nick Mullens was making his NFL debut, so the whole area/college of Southern Mississippi was watching or (C) you housed the 49ers and wanted your bet to hit.

But seriously Jon Gruden has done a terrible job with Oakland sure they were never a “good” team to begin with but I don’t think they are 1-7, losing 34-3 to the 2-7 49ers bad. I mean does anyone on that Oakland team want to even be there? The Raiders do not have a terrible offense either, Derek Carr can move the ball and can move out of the pocket and find space. Doug Martin is good for 3-4 yards a carry, when Marshawn Lynch is healthy it is a serviceable tandem. Martavis Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Brandon LaFell and Jared Cook are the wide outs. How do you not score more than 3 points against the 49ers with that offense. It is obvious Carr absolutely despises Jon Gruden and does not want to play for this freak.

Derek Carr Oakland Raiders 2018Right now though the Raiders rank 24th in total yards(2588), 17th in yards per game(369.7), 19th in passing yards(1930), 28th in rushing yards(658) and 27th in point per game(19.7) plus 28th in total points(138). They are statistical a bad offense right now, on paper not so much. That tells us one of two things, (A) they are playing good defenses, maybe. They have played the Rams(good), Broncos(decent), Dolphins, Browns, Chargers(decent), Seahawks, Colts and 49ers so they have played three teams above .500, that means they have not played great teams. And (2) the coaching is terrible and no one wants to be there. Going with (2) here. I don’t know what it is like in the Oakland locker room but it cannot be pretty, especially when you sell a good wide receiver, one of the best defensive players in the league and continue to lose. Gruden has surely lost the locker room.

Anyways, this whole Jon Gruden move in Oakland was for probably two reasons, they thought he can actually do a decent job? Or probably this option they are moving to L.A. soon and a household name and long time game favorite draws attention to the Raiders market. Either way after this 34-3 loss to rookie QB Mullens and the 49ers is the last straw for Raiders fans, they are done and 1000 percent checked out.

On the bright side Nick Mullens in his debut threw for 262 yards, 3 touchdowns and went 16/22 in the passing game. He broke a 49ers record throwing 3 touchdowns in his debut becoming the first 49ers do so, as well he broke a NFL record since they started keeping track of this, by being the first QB to post a 151.9 passer rating in his debut. Unreal performance from the QB out of Southern Mississippi being told he may start on Monday and having only three days to really prepare, made the job look easy too. The real fault to Mullens game was his post game interview, as he almost teared up before even saying a word, as Erin Andrews asked him a question and he immediately got choked up before speaking. No crying in football Mullens, you’ll learn.

Either way Raiders are done, Jon Gruden you’re a joke, no one wants to play for you. Derek Carr coming out and saying in the post game interview that “he is in it for the long haul” is definitely not true. So…. just trade Derek Carr to the Giants in the offseason so they don’t draft a QB this draft and continue to be a mediocre team but with Carr they have hope and we can point and laugh at the Giants for thinking Carr was their savior. Jon Gruden literally ruined this team in just five weeks and made them all on the verge of quitting by week seven that has to be an NFL record by a coach. Or close to Hue Jackson’s “how many games will it take for this years team to quit on me?” record.

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