NFL NEWS; John Harbaugh on the hot seat?

It came out about twenty-minutes ago first reported by that John Harbaugh the Ravens head coach for the last 11 years is finally being put on the hot seat. I am not sure what this could be for, besides the fact the Ravens have missed the playoffs since 2014 other than that it seems Harbaugh is not only a good coach but the players like playing for him.

A mid-season coach change would not benefit the team one bit, they have the pieces to compete and get into the playoffs but let’s understand people that the Ravens play in a tough AFC North and AFC division in general. If they do not win the division there next chance is the wild card which they would have to beat teams like the Chargers, Cincinnati, Miami, Jets and Indianapolis.

The Ravens are clearly upset with the last two loses in week 7 and 8 but it came against one of the best offenses in the NFL New Orleans and one of the hottest teams in the NFL at the moment Carolina Panthers. Tough loses for sure and going against the divisional rival Steelers the job does not get any easier.

MY theory to this report coming out right now, is that they did this to (1) rile up the Ravens players and coach Harbaugh (2) The front office wants Harbaugh to know they are not afraid to move on from him, therefore he does not get complacent. (3) The front office wants Harbaugh to know that if Joe Flacco does not get the job Lamar Jackson needs to see some more reps. This whole story came out because the front office was upset with Harbaugh’s last two weeks, not making the playoffs since 2014 and rookie QB’s Lamar Jackson’s progress so far.

I don’t think we see Harbaugh leave the job this season, nor next season. Plus the front office has to realize the Ravens have been running an offense revolving around an immobile, slower QB Joe Flacco. Jackson has been there for preseason and now eight weeks of the regular season. Players do not progress overnight people. Going to be an even more exciting one in Baltimore this afternoon now this came out.