New York Rangers; Neil Poink coast to coast game-winning goal gave Rangers fan and their grandfathers life again

The Rangers are on a four-game win streak. Save this post because we may never see those words written again this season. They are on quite the high, beating Anaheim, San Jose, Buffalo and Montreal makes this team now 7-7-1 with 15 points in 15 games. This was better than how they started last year and everyone thought they were a playoff team last season.

Let’s get to the real reason behind this article, the Real Deal Neal Poink going coast to coast for a game winner vs Montreal Tuesday night is something Ranger fans have not seen since Martin St. Louis tucked one under the bar vs Montreal in the playoffs in 2014. Anyways, this goal, alone may be the highlight of the Rangers season and the one thing Ranger fans can boast about. It did more than just win the game it gave some life to Ranger fans and the players. It showed the fans that this whole rebuilding thing and playing young players is exciting.

Look, Ranger fans are used the 33-year-old free agent signing that has very little life left in him but since he scored 25 eight years ago it qualifies as a good signing. They are used to go all in or nothing every season and playing more tenured players and not allowing rookies/second year players to see much time. In New York we are used to a culture that jumps at the big name and big buzz coming to the team. No one is used to guys like Neal Poink or Brett Howden, the Rangers fans are not used to not seeing a big star in the line up. While sure they have Mika Zibanejad but he still finding his way onto the team and in the league and Kevin Shattenkirk(he’s alive?) but quite honestly no Ranger is fan is used to these no name, young players doing the work and doing it well. And while yes, Filip Chytil has not seen his chunk of time lately, it is ok, it is a slow process, they called up Lias Andersson as well the other night. This is going to be a very interesting, heart wrenching yet exciting year I believe.

For a Ranger fan who watched them win for a long time it is honestly nice to see Brett Howden with 9 points on the year and Neal Poink with 8 points, it is refreshing to see these young names making an impact on the team. Showing the process is working and it may be slow, it may be a little painful but there will be moments like Tuesday night where Ranger fans will be able to show some pride for their team and yell their lungs out at the Garden.

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