Pretty busy Tuesday night in the NHL but we had nine games on, if you missed my article the other day click, I wrote an article on yesterday’s picks, won 7 of the 9 and we are going to keep it rolling .

St. Louis Blues(6-6-3) vs Chicago Blackhawks(6-8-4)

What a game this is going to be, these two always have good games but the Blues are .500 right now and if they want to be a playoff team they need to start stringing together some wins here. They have not been a consistent team all year, and the Blackhawks are on a huge skid right now 8-games and the bleeding can only continue on from here. With Quenneville gone and that whole front office in a disarray it has been tough for the Blackhawks to put a decent display on the ice. They have a chance on home ice to end this skid. They probably won’t but still. The Blues are going with Jake Allen in net tonight as the Blackhawks go with Corey Crawford, both goalies have a bad goals against right now, respectfully so for Crawford but Allen is just plain struggling. He has 4 wins, 3.99 goals against and a .879 save percentage, those back up numbers. The Blackhawks in their eight losses have scored 14 goals for and allowed 34 goals against. It has been a shaky last month for the Blackhawks and things do not get better after tonight. Going, Blues tonight. 

Washington Capitals(8-6-3) vs Winnipeg Jets(10-5-1) 

The Capitals are coming off a big win in Minnesota and a surprise win. Straight forward, I don’t think we see a surprise win tonight. The Jets are coming off a win at home and on three-day rest as the Capitals are coming off less than 24 hours rest. Which is the big reason why I see the Jets winning this game. The Jets have won 5 of their last 8 games and are the better team here I believe. It seems the Capitals are going with Braden Holtby and Jets going with Conor Hellebyuck, which after the Capitals scored 5 goals Tuesday night and the Jets are usually good for 3-4, it seems like it is looking to be a 3-2 game, with the Jets on top. 

Boston Bruins(10-5-2) vs Colorado Avalanche(8-6-3)

The Bruins and Avalanche are coming into this game both off wins, but the Avalanche snapped a small skid they were on luckily before they host Boston tonight. The Bruins are without Tuukka Rask but it seems Jaraslov Halak seems to be doing just fine with a 6-1-2 record, 1.72 GAA and .945 save percentage. The Bruins have two won straight and come into Colorado well rested not playing since Novemeber 11th. The Avalanche last win came vs Edmonton, November 11th as well. Therefore both teams have had plenty of rest to get ready for this game the Bruins are certainly the better team all around and also 6-3-1 in their last ten compared to the Av’s 4-5-1 in their last ten. Both teams should have no excuse tonight as they are both well rested. Avalanche, home, I like it A LOT going Av’s. 

Anaheim Ducks(8-8-3) vs Vegas Golden Knights(7-10-1)

The Ducks have not been the team many expected them to be, usually it always starts out like that for this team. High expectations mediocre play to start and they always make a push later in the year, but in the last ten the Ducks are 3-5-2, winning their last game vs Nashville. As the Golden Knights are off to a rocky start, they are 3-6-1 in their last ten but have a solid road record 4-2-1 vs the Ducks 3-5-0 home record. This game has overtime or shootout written all over it. The Ducks are always a team to keep a game close and after the Golden Knights dropped their last two games and three of their four away games, they need a win tonight on home ice. The Golden Knights are averaging just 2.39 goals for, luckily the Ducks average just 2.21 goals for. The Knights allow 2.94 goals against and Ducks allow 2.74, I think we get the point. Two very similar teams going at it. Tonight I am going Vegas though. 

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