Tom Wilson returns vs Minnesota Tuesday night with a splash

The Capitals have surely missed the pot-stirring, on the edge, hard nosed forward in Tom Wilson. Coming into Tuesday’s game the Capitals were 7-6-3, certainly not playing their best hockey and looking like a Stanley Cup hungover team. Tom Wilson was suppose to be suspended for 20 games due to his hit on Oskar Sundqvist, it was reduced to 14-games though making it effective for him to play in Tuesday nights game. 

Wilson returned with a bang, the Wild were on a four-game win streak and one of the hottest teams in the NHL. The Capitals were coming into Minnesota with many doubting their ability to win this game. Wilson answered the bell early scoring the Capitals second goal, earning a 2-minute penalty for goalie interference and fighting Marcus Foligno. Debatable who won but Wilson ended the game with 1 goal, 7 penalty minutes, 1 shot and one hit. 

The energizing forward now brings a big dynamic back to the roster that the Capitals were missing not to mention it adds a little more depth to their roster as Wilson usually plays with Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznestov it really evens out the Capitals top-six.

Is Wilson really that much of a component to this team though? 

It seems as if the Capitals did miss Wilson, clearly it is one game but there are very few players in the league like Wilson who can score a goal, take a hit, give a hit, fight and just a bring a unique level of energy and attention to opposing teams. Wilson being back makes opponents grip their sticks a little tighter, keep their head up a little extra and realize they will not get away with many free liberties that they would have if he was out. Wilson is a huge component to the Capitals roster he did not sign a 5+ million dollar deal for nothing. The Capitals do gain a great power-forward and a much needed edge to their roster again. 

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